Bravo Tall Sights Graphic

We recently talked about accommodating for a red dot optic on our holsters. If you already have that modification then you probably also have added taller sights to your weapon. Also known as "suppressor sights," tall sights are a popular upgrade to guns. Whether you are running a suppressor(silencer) or a red dot, tall sights are a must for sight clearance on a suppressor or co-witnessing on a red dot sight. With our AMP holsters you do not have to worry about your aftermarket sights being to tall. Here is a list of the tall sights we automatically accommodate to.

Ameriglo Classic, Spartan I-Dot, Operator, Pro, Pro Operator, Ghost Ring, and Tall Suppressor

Dawson Precision Sights (All Types)

Meprolight (All Types)

Trijicon HD Sights, Night Sights, Trijidot Sights, and Trijicon Suppressor

Tru-Glo (All Types)

XS Big Dot Sights 

Advantage – Tech Fire Fly Sights

Vickers Elite

VTAC Sights

Wilson Combat Sights

This list is the most common / popular sights chosen but If you do have another brand please contact us and we will be glad to help verify they will work in your AMP holster. 


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Henry crenshaw

Will your holsters handle a glock g19 that is “suppressor ready” from the glock factory, i.e. With a threaded barrel and tall sights?

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