Bravo Concealment has taken our Advanced Manufacturing Process(AMP) and made it into a combo deal.

First you have a choice between our Bravo Concealment Adaptive(BCA) or Range Time Tactical(RTT) configurations. The BCA comes standard with a slight forward cant to enhance concealment while still maintaining a natural draw motion. Second choice for your holster is the RTT which is a zero degree cant aka straight drop configuration. The RTT's simple design creates the most natural draw motion because of the straight up and down placement on your belt line. Both holster options are available in Light Bearing options if you always carry your gun with a weapon light. Please keep in mind if you do not have the weapon light mounted you will not have the same retention as with the light on your gun. We will be adding more options to our Rush Order products as the year progresses. The newest addition to the Rush Order line is the BCA M&P Shield and the RTT Light Bearing Holster for the Surefire X300 series of lights, excludes X300V.

Tough decisons to make? Well we have so many options that we thought we could make it even harder for you to decide. Now you have a choice between one single Double Magazine Pouch or two Single Magazine Pouches. In the picture you can see the two Single magazine setup. Please keep in mind all our Rush Order Magazine pouches come standard as Left Side Carry(Ideal for right handed shooters) and are all configured to be Rounds Facing Forward. The first advantage of the two singles option is that you have the convenience of either carrying just one extra magazine or two. Also in the two Singles option you can see a Standard Cut magazine while the other is a Slant Cut magazine. The Slant Cut creates greater comfort while in a kneeling position or sitting position with the elimination of the corner that would normally dig into your thigh. Another magazine pouch option is the Slant Cut Double Magazine pouch that will also allow you to carry two magazines in a smaller more compact package. Both options are great but we leave it up to you to decide which would be the best for your everyday carry. 

All these holsters come standard with our Robust Outside the Waist Band (OWB) belt loops in either 1.5" or 1.75" sizes. Like all our holster products you get the same No Questions Asked Unlimited Lifetime Warranty. If your weapon is not listed in our Rush Order Products please browse our Custom Holsters with even more options. So save money and get everything at once with a Bravo Concealment combo.



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