Aim Small, Miss Small

When I attended the Roger's Range at Tier 1 Group I remember thinking "there's no way I'm going to be able to do this." You're required to hit a target in .5 second from just a few feet away to way out at about 25 yards. That experience proved to me that I had far more aptitude for pistol craft than I'd given myself credit for. As I now work to launch Tier 1 Citizen training I'm working to bring various experiences and teaching techniques to T1C so that you guys can have the benefits of my years of training and experience. Let's work together to find out what you're capable of.


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  • What holster is Abner using? Is Bravo Concealment making a Torsion for Glocks with APLs?
    Where did Abner get those targets?

    Luis Rodas

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