Not all holsters are created equal. Daniel Shaw explains why he chooses the DOS holster over all others on the market today. 


Hey guys, Daniel Shaw from Gunfighter Cast here. I wanna take a second and show you the Bravo Concealment Holster that I’ve been talking about from the recent episodes. 

You guys know me by now. You know that I would not accept a sponsorship or except any contribution or pimp any product out there unless it’s something I believe in and that I can trust my life with. 


One of the reasons that I like the Bravo Concealment holster a lot is, and this particular one is know as the dos or D.O.S. is the clips. There are a lot of home made holsters out there which are making Kydex, I’ve actually experimented in making Kydex sheet holsters, they are getting the same clips from the same place and a lot of them are very sub-par clips out there.

If I draw my gun ten times out of the holster, two of those times, my holster comes out with that gun. I see that a lot. I see it in classes. Clips are critically important. 

The best thing about the Bravo Concealment Holster are the clips. They have a very positive attachment point. Instead of having a small little ledge that lock over the belt, These have a nice hook that hooks into that belt and a reinforcement little spot right there that locks underneath it. So once you look it under your belt it doesn’t come loose. And that to me, when i have a holster, I can go ahead and tell you it’s not gonna be comfortable cause carrying guns is not comfortable but it’s a lifestyle choice. What I care about, is my holster gonna work. And whenever I finally break it, which I always do, What kind of warranty do they have. 

Unlimited Lifetime Warranty That is why I am wearing Bravo Concealment Holsters. 

Get your DOS and do your own evaluation of "Clips That Don't Suck."




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