Few among us can truly tell what they will do under a high stress, life threatening situation. We tend to have a preconceived notion of what we think we'll do. However, in the end we find that the event that we'd planned for didn't unfold how we thought it should. That is because we tend to project our own beliefs and thoughts onto the happenings of life around us. At a subconscious level we expect things to go "as planned" then we're shocked because they didn't pan out. I make it a point to talk with people who have been in shootings where they had to kill someone to save their life or that of someone else. The one resounding theme I hear is that you will slap the trigger, you won't look at your sights, and you will be yanking off shots as fast as you can to help you get out of there. In this video I cover some basics to consider in learning how you react under high stress.

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