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Meet the Customer Service Team @Bravo

What makes Bravo Concealment stand out from the rest? Is it the quality hand crafted holsters? Is it our Advanced Manufacturing Process? We believe it is actually the great customer service team here at Bravo that makes our holsters one of the best among the countless holster makers worldwide. 

We pride ourselves in making sure every customer is matched with the ideal holster for their concealment needs. We promptly answer any and all questions via phone, email, or any form you choose to communicate with us. 

When you have questions there has been one voice that has grown with Bravo Concealment since its infancy. Many of you may have already dealt with the one and only Dorcie. 

Thank you, Dorcie, for taking a brief moment to answer some of the questions on the readers minds.

Q: How long have you been with Bravo Concealment?

A: I want to first thank every customer I have helped. As of September 12th, 2016 I have been with Bravo Concealment for four wonderful years.

Q: In the past four years what has been the greatest reward of working in customer service?

A: I have really enjoyed learning new things everyday. No two people are alike and providing them with the best customer service has always been my goal. I greatly appreciate all the feedback I get from every customer who I have dealt with over the years. 

That is great Dorcie! Our customers are glad they always have their questions answered in a timely manner. 

Q: You have moved up the ladder in your four year tenure.What is different now that you are the customer service supervisor?

A: There is no big difference as a supervisor. A few more responsibilities but I am glad to pass on my knowledge to others so we can all work together and provide the best possible service for our customers.

Thanks Dorcie, well we will let you get back to helping out more customers.

If you enjoyed this Q&A please leave a comment below or if you have anymore questions for our team then let us know below. 

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  • Good afternoon
    I always enjoy reading articles and information from your website and newsletters
    Although Bravo Concealment was not able to help me with a CZ pistol with laser they were most generous in providing some apparel and GC’s for and upcoming training class
    The folks there are very in tune with their customer base and provide excellent follow up and customer service

    Chuck Saylor

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