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Conceal Carrying The Glock 19


Rockin' The Glock 19 by Abner Miranda.

When I transitioned to the Glock 19 carrying concealed became a breeze to pull off. I believe that I speak for the T1C community when I say that the G19 is about as perfect a pistol if ever there was one. I'm running a Bravo Concealment DOS Light Bearing Holster. It has become my standard. Not only does it conceal well, it also stays put, and never pops off my belt when I'm drawing in a hurry.

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  • I agree with you big fan of the 19 and oddly enough I don’t own one. I will someday soon . I’ve tried to use appendix carry and it don’t find it comfortable or practical. I use SSC with a G 26 with an inside the waistband kydex holster. Reloads, I use a g19 mag with a pocket clip because the 26 mag will pinch the shit out of your ring finger under stress.

    Don Amerman

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