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Run Your Gun, Not Your Mouth


The patterns I've been seeing in our industry are not exactly comforting. As instructors we are now seeing a pattern where arguing and opinion giving on the part of the student seems to be more and more prevalent. Instead of parking their egos and actually making an effort to learn it seems to be the pattern that today's "students" feel an urge to begin exchanges with the following phrase "you know what I think?" It seems that if you have an IWB Holster, a Glock 19 with an RMR, a tactical beard, and a crappy attitude you can somehow gets people to listen to you. Sometimes that even includes while you're actually standing on the line at another instructor's class. Trust me when I tell you that I am not the only one who is saying this. I'm just one of the few who isn't concerned with stepping on others' toes to get a dose of truth out there. Run your gun, not your mouth son!


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