Running With Scissors

I know that this video is just gonna make some instructors apoplectic but it really needs to be said. For generations we've been training our populace to stand and die in gunfights. The shooting sports are treated as just that - a sport. Instead of training for reality we keep teaching people to stand a deliver metered shots. I should know, I was trained this way as a cop too. In recent years I've been fortunate to be surrounded by instructors and students alike who share the sentiment that standing still in a gunfight is a 100% surefire way to lose that fight.

I'm running a Bravo Concealment DOS Light Bearing Holster. It has become my standard. Not only does it conceal well, it also stays put, and never pops off my belt when I'm drawing in a hurry.

In an effort to give you guys the same experiences I have on the range I have heavily invested in steel targets from Challenge Targets. These targets are the best thing I've ever used because they are robust, easy to put up, and easy to reface with nothing more than spray paint. The best and fastest way to learn when shooting is by shooting steel. Within 300 milliseconds of witnessing a hit on steel your brain creates a new neural pathway and labels it "success!" There's a reason the pros train on steel - think about that.

If you guys are interested in these targets here's the info on them.


"Stake Target - Human Silhouette - Handgun Rated." Code: GS-RM-80039-H

Also please remember to use the discount code "T1C" when you get ready to check out. Challenge Targets has kindly created a discount code for everyone to use so I highly suggest that you all avail yourselves of it.

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