The DOS holster, Now even better!

The Bravo Concealment DOS (Drop Out-of Sight) gun holster has been around for many years. The tough and durable DOS holster is dedicated for Inside the Waist Band concealment whether you run appendix or anywhere else around your waist line. Compared to other holsters on the market it retains the gun's shape for efficient one handed holstering. When compared to others the DOS adds minimal mass and bulk to your weapon. All these elements combined make the holster virtually Drop Out of Sight and erases your weapon’s visual signature. Combined with our new superior belt clips the DOS is one of the best gun holsters on the market so check out the video below to see it in action.


Get your DOS holster here.


  • Fabulous!!!!!! No other word to describe it!!!!!!!

  • Will the DOS accommodate a G17 with a Triji RMR?

  • I agree, when are you going to have a dos with a light? Glock 22 with a gtl21.

    Christopher Tenney
  • Do you have a DOS light compatible holster? If not, will it be released? I noticed a prototype in your instagram feeds.

    Joshua Chung
  • When are you guys going to make a light bearing version?

    Aaron Tartamella

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