The Next Sight Picture


There is a trend in firearms training that was established a long time ago. It's known as "cool guy shooting" and it has left the screen of youtube and has now made it out into the real world where people think that it's an actual technique. What am I referring to? The need that some people have to snatch their weapon back as soon as they've fired the last shot - or what THEY thought was the last shot. Remember that the bad guy is the one who determines when you're done shooting. To snatch your gun back and lower it is to say that you'll never miss. News flash, you're going to miss terribly. You'll most likely miss more than you hit. In some cases I've even seen people speed holster their blaster like they're embarrassed about having it out there. Guys, I've seen this behavior in some of the cops I used to work with. These guys would draw their weapon and hide it behind their leg as if they were embarrassed about having to have it out. If you've been driven to the point where you have to draw a weapon to deal with a mounting threat you've already committed yourself and you need to make sure that the weapon is ready for use. If you do have to fire your weapon make sure that you get your next sight picture before you decide to assess if you've been successful. Like I said earlier, the bad guy is the one who decides when YOU'RE done shooting.

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