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Why Staying Current Matters

It's important to have a balance to your training time. Even though I focus almost exclusively on handgun training with my G19 and my Bravo Concealment AIWB Drop Out of Sight Light Bearing Holster, I still make sure to get my AR's out from time to time to stay current. Whether your focus is AIWB, OWB, appendix carry, strong side, or cross draw, you need to practice. I can't say this enough, there is a huge misunderstandings in our industry that is propagated by social media. The message being driven at us is that having Tactical/EDC gear equates to skill. Not only is this untrue, it is taking your life into your own hands to think this way. Skill will always beat gear. Every day carry requires that you understand that being a Tier 1 Citizen means that you have to inconvenience yourself by faithfully having your Glock on you. I despise carrying a gun, it's hot, bulky, and jabs at me when I bend over to grab something. But it is the most wonderful thing when I have to reach for it because some nozzle is doing something that requires being eye-balled by me. Even though handguns are well over 90% of the fight, it does bear noting that if time allows I would really prefer to bring a long gun to a gun fight than a handgun. Let's face it, it's a fact that long guns are far easier to fight with than handguns. Why? Because Long guns are point and shoot weapons. At their core, long guns are reactive weapons that are ideal when the flinch effect hits you. Handguns, on the other hand, are fighting weapons that require you to know what you're doing with them. I almost always carry my Glock 19 in an AIWB holster but when my long gun comes out I usually switch over to my Glock 17 in a Bravo Concealment BCA OWB Light Bearing Holster. The combo of OWB on my strong side and a slung weapon go hand in hand. In this video is the "why" behind remaining current with your long guns.

Tier 1 Citizen exclusively uses Bravo Concealment Holsters. There is no substitute for excellence.

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