Kydex Holster Sales Are "Really Bad"! Conclusive - Haters pt. 2

Early November Vlog on Bad Kydex Holster Sales and being conclusive in your thoughts. Oh, and of course, more Trolls.

Learning Who You Are Under Stress

Few among us can truly tell what they will do under a high stress, life threatening situation. We tend to have a preconceived notion of what we th...

OD Green Kydex Sale

Get Your OD Green Kydex before it runs out!

Mastering Iron Sights

At a recent class I ran my truck gun which is set up with only Troy Micro Battle Sights. It makes for a true truck gun that doesn't need any optic...

Spartan300 Hoser Fest 2017 - PCC Grand Master

1st place PCC and 4th Overall out of 73 shooters at the local hoser fest.

Being Consistent

After making a major change to AIWB carry I have realized that this is not only a lifestyle change but also a total dedication to retraining my ha...

The Origins Of Bravo Concealment

If you have ever wondered how Bravo got started well here it is direct from the owner of Bravo Concealment.

Tracking Your Target

Here's a unique look at tracking a moving target. Many thanks to Dawn of Defense for allowing me access to their range for this video.

Trigger Finger High

Recently I was running an impromptu class for a couple of friends and noticed some minor trigger finger placement issues. It was a prime opportuni...

Instructor Zero: CAGE DRILL

Instructor Zero Pushes his limits with his support hand in this great cardio drill.

Train Smart: Dress For Success

A good rule of thumb when planning your attire for training classes is: If you wouldn’t wear it out to dinner with your friends and family, you pr...

IWB Kydex Holster Challenge by SK Tactical Reviews

What would you consider a tough holster? What kind of test would you do to challenge the durability of your inside the waistband (IWB) holster? We...