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The Next Sight Picture

  There is a trend in firearms training that was established a long time ago. It's known as "cool guy shooting" and it has left the screen of you...

"YouTube Is Anti-Gun!"…and???

  Many people are upset that YouTube is not “firearms” friendly. Trust me, I’m upset as well.

How Bravo Can Make The Best Gun Holsters - Process Is King!

  Process is King. Bravo Concealment has a great process which in turn can pass on the savings to you, our customers.     

3 Things You Need To Know About The Torsion Gun Holster

I did this video to show you how the Torsion IWB Gun Holster is designed to work. Many people think it was designed around appendix carry, it wasn...

"Everything Is A Scam!".. Really?

Some people will tell you not to trust everything you see on the internet. Including certain training courses. I have learned so much on the inter...

How We Started Our Business - Bravo's Garage

Just thought I'd show you guys where Bravo LLC started. We hardly "jump the gun" (no pun intended) when we make big decisions. 

Always Moving Forward - DON'T be a Monument be a Movement

People sometimes get galvanized when something bad happens. Whether it's our own fault or something out of our immediate control. Let's face it th...

Why This Was The HARDEST Decision I Ever Had To Make! - Bravo Concealment

In business there is one decision I had so much trouble making, and that was leaving my prior job to go full throttle into Bravo. 

Printing And Concealed Carry - Why Nobody Cares!

Most of us are so vain that we think all eyes are on us at every moment. Most people out there don't care about your presence in a room much less ...

Is Knowledge Overrated? - The Power Of Application

Many people "know" but how many apply what they "know"? Knowledge is simply knowledge. Applied knowledge is power!

Answering Questions From Our Fans - Quick Q&A

A couple of questions from our fans were sent in and I decided to answer them on the air. Hope you enjoy.   

Good Is A Killer Of Greatness

Good is "Good" but is it good enough? Sometimes it isn't. It's hard to let it go of "good" to pursue greatness. Many of us get galvanized by the c...