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Middle Class And Why It Can Galvanize You

It's not about making money, it's about doing what brings joy to your life. Comfort is a very hard habit to break.   Rene Aguirre is the founder ...

Weekly Vlog - Don't Do New Year Resolutions & Being Selfish

Weekly Vlog of Snaps. No true direction, just talking about a lot of stuff.

Train Smart: Protect Your Feet

  After trying various brands of footwear I've finally settled on one that works well for my T1C Footwear. I specifically wanted something that of...

This Is What It's All About!

Our process has grown and is continuing to evolve. We do this to cut cost and time in making your holster. What do we do with our low cost?

The Best Gun Holsters For The Best Customers

We owe it all to you guys, our customers. Nothing else left to say. You guys are the best.

Talking Social Media

I'm here talking to two of my Social Media Marketing guys. Thought we'd share some of the things we talk about.

Torsion Insights

In this video I talk a little about the attributes found in the Torsion Gun Holster.

Appendix Carrying And Sitting Down

While appendix carry my not be the most comfortable way to conceal carry, It is very convenient in tactics.

Is Appendix Carry Dangerous? - You Are A Masterpiece

We say that when we talk about protecting the second amendment but why do we sometimes dismiss it when we talk about conceal carry?

Behind The Scenes - Answering Emails

Here is a little "behind the scenes" video on answering emails from home. Thanks for watching and make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Match Performance Series - Transitions

Competitive shooter Mitch Barlow offers his transition practice with this drill. "Focus driving your gun from target to target."

Train Smart: Protect Your Hands

I find steel to be the most efficient learning medium for learning firearms skill sets. However, from time to time bullets will fragment and kick ...