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People Are Gonna Let You Down - The Bravo Audio Show Podcast

Be Selfless to the true meaning of the word. People are gonna let you down. Let me say that again, "they're gonna let you down." Don't expect anyt...

"I Don't Like School" - The Bravo Audio Show Podcast - Bravo Concealment

Kids will have problems with certain subjects. Focus on the good for a change. This doesn't mean we ignore the bad. 

Does Hard Work Really Pay Off?

Hard work is the staple in the American work ethic. Many of us for get that and need to be reminded often. Don't lose focus on hard work and patie...

Train Smart: Protect Your Ears

I've repeatedly said before that if I had it all to do again I would just stick with .25 cent foam plugs and call it a day.

Train Smart: Use Your Head

After dozens of classes held in all types of weather I've come to the overwhelming conclusion that proper head protection consists of a hat, not a ...

Weekly Vlog: People Who Feel Entitled & Woody's EDC

  This is our weekly Snapchat and Instagram Stories put together in one video. In this video I talk about people who feel entitled, why I run the ...

To GOD Be The Glory - You Made Us Who We Are

You have made us sho we are. I know I sound like a broken record but I feel like I need to say this on a daily basis. I am so grateful for all of ...

Weekly Vlog: Love Your Mondays / You're NEVER Too Old

  This past weeks Snapchat and Instagram Stories. You're never too old to find out what you want to do next.

Limited Torsion FDE / Grey Color Run - Save 15% Off

We are having a special on ALL FDE or Grey Torsion Gun holsters. Supplies will NOT last long since it is a "Limited Supply Run."

Middle Class And Why It Can Galvanize You

It's not about making money, it's about doing what brings joy to your life. Comfort is a very hard habit to break.   Rene Aguirre is the founder ...

Weekly Vlog - Don't Do New Year Resolutions & Being Selfish

Weekly Vlog of Snaps. No true direction, just talking about a lot of stuff.

Train Smart: Protect Your Feet

  After trying various brands of footwear I've finally settled on one that works well for my T1C Footwear. I specifically wanted something that of...