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About The DOS Torsion

  This is like no other holster you have ever seen. The integrated 10 degree inward cant is built into the holster itself, hence the word “integra...

Dynamic Training With Instructor Zero

But its very useful to train the transition between the stand up position and ground position. Very good drill for fitness, for aiming, for trigge...

Flying With Firearms

There is great power in asking for a supervisor, in a controlled voice, and standing your ground. There is even greater power in handing your tabl...

Fiber Optic Sights: How Tough Are They?

People think that fiber optic sights are fragile, I got news for you fiber optic sights are not fragile. Alright, watch.

DOS Torsion featured in NRA Gun Gear of the Week

This is a new upgrade to their DOS, Drop Out of Sight line, and it contours the entire holster to fit more closely to the body.

Instructor Zero Presents...1-2 Engage!

This is very useful drill. The next step is to do the same action. So, 1, 2, 1. Reload. Engage the plate. So, we train. Reload. So basically, reme...

Why I Carry AIWB

Here is the other thing with appendix carry you look more trim. Like you know, I'm a fairly big guy, but can you guys actaully tell that I have kn...

Dueling Tree Challenge

Instructor Zero challenges his buddies to a Dueling Tree Marathon. Can he make it to 100 consecutive shots?

Lock That Gun Up!

Abner Miranda gives his take on what to do with your truck gun(s). Take a few minutes and see if his solution could work for your weapon(s).

Match Performance Series 10-8 Pistol Standards String #12

Everyone knows that practice makes perfect. Mitch Barlow is here to demonstrate some of his practice drills/exercises. Click to see the first vide...

Torsion Holster - Now Available!

  In case you have been living under a rock, Abner Miranda explains the advantages of the new DOS-Torsion holster.

NEW! DOS Torsion Holster, Coming Soon.

Our Iconic DOS holster is getting an upgrade and is now better than ever! Our breakthrough Torsion Technology allows the gun holster to conceal yo...