All About Bravo Concealment

From it’s inception, Bravo Concealment’s goal was to make you a great, conceal-able and comfortable gun holster at a great price. That statement has never been more true today.

When we started in a 6’X8’ room in the back of a small house, we were always focused on 2 things; to create a better manufacturing process and great customer service. As time has passed and our business has grown, we know that most of our customers agree with the following statement… “They have a great product at a great price with great customer service.” - Saul C. (customer)

It hasn’t been easy but with great focus and remaining curious in what we do, we have changed the manufacturing process in the industry. All products are made in U.S.A. and about 90% of manufacturing is done in-house. This is the reason you can enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all products, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and Unlimited Lifetime Warranty.

Our Advanced Manufacturing Process

Our "Advanced Manufacturing Process" consists of cutting edge hardware and software through endless hours of research and development. Using the latest technology in CAD/CAM designs with advanced "verifying" tools and laser integrated "measuring arms", Bravo Concealment has taken it's manufacturing process to the next level with consistent forming and cutting methods aided by innovative CNC and molding machines.

The goal with our "Advanced Manufacturing Process" is to abolish "lead-times" and make the most consistant and efficient holster for you, our customers. Our Quick Ship list will continue to grow. We ask you to please be patient with us as we continue to add to our menu with more Holster and Magazine options. 


Features include:

  • Flushed light recess for a more consistent draw
  • Rounded edges for better comfort and feel
  • Flared side opening for smooth holstering
  • Thick, durable, heavy-duty belt loops
  • Strong and durable mounting system
  • Access to mag release button
  • Unlimited Lifetime Warranty on all our products.

Please feel free to browse our website; if you have any questions please call, e-mail, or use the live chat and a customer service representative will be glad to help. Thank you for choosing Bravo Concealment for all your tactical kydex holster needs. 


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