Bravo Concealment Gun Holsters are made of high quality durable kydex. Our Advanced Manufacturing Process delivers consistent quality molded holsters that are finished by hand. Quality hardware is the second part of our formula to ensure you have a long lasting and dependable holster. Our rugged belt loops are injection molded nylon for maximum strength. Want to tilt/cant your holster? Our holster can be adjusted by moving belt loops vertically for more or less cant. 

What Makes Bravo Concealment Better Than The Other Custom Holster Makers?

Our Guarantee and the Advanced Manufacturing Process utilized to make you the best holster for your personal defense and the defense of your loved ones.

Our "Advanced Manufacturing Process" consists of cutting edge hardware and software through endless hours of research and development. Using the latest technology in CAD/CAM designs with advanced "verifying" tools and laser integrated "measuring arms." Bravo Concealment has taken it's manufacturing process to the next level with consistant forming and cutting methods aided by innovative CNC and molding machines.

The goal with our "Advanced Manufacturing Process" is to abolish lead-times and make the most consistant and efficient holster for you, our customers. Our holster list will continue to grow. We ask you to please be patient with us as we continue to add to our lineup with more molded pancake kydex holster and magazine options.