With less than a $100 budget we started in 2010 in a tiny 6X10 room in the back of a small home, we offered concealment holsters to local friends and customers through word of mouth. Now a huge operating facility with high end technological hardware and software, Bravo Concealment takes pride in making a great product at a great price with innovation and great customer service. Here is our story.

Working hard is an understatement. After getting out of a full time job during the day, we (husband and wife) would fulfill orders on through the night and into the morning hours. Not to mention juggling all of this with 3 small children (one being only 2 weeks old)

Bravo Concealment Origins

With word of mouth and sales on eBay gaining ground we decided to open an on line store. So BravoConcealment.com was born.

Always focused on quality and customer service, our company and brand grew to new heights and went from a 2 car garage to a 3500 square foot shop. Within a year of operation, we moved once again to our new operating facility to accommodate a growing company. As orders grew we knew that we had to innovate our manufacturing process to be effective, efficient and profitable.

Bravo Concealment Mini Mill CNC Machine

Always curious and researching new technology, we decided to invest in high end CNC machines and CAD software. It was one of the most difficult decisions we had to make but it was a well worth investment.

Surrounding ourselves with the right people allowed us to take Bravo Concealment to a level that sets us apart from others. Our holsters have received great recognition all the way from the everyday concealed carry citizen to Law Enforcement Agencies and Military personnel. We know we produce the BEST IWB and OWB concealment holsters and will continue to remain innovative in our quest to be the BEST in the industry.

CAD Scanning Laser

How did Bravo Concealment begin? Here is a short video on how everything started. I hope to motivate those who are looking to start a new business or new adventure in their lives.