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Welcome to the Bravo Concealment Audio Show. I am Rene Aguirre, and I will be taking you on a journey through my everyday life. I will be providing business insights, personal thoughts, daily concealed carry tips/tricks, and any other topic that comes to mind. Thank you for listening, and I hope you enjoy the show.


Team Players

Failure is part of success. When you fail, your path to success gets shorter. You must learn from your failures, that is what makes the difference.

Hard Decisions

Good enough can be hypnotic. This is a bad place to be when you know you’re better than good enough.

EDC (Every Day Carry)

Some thoughts on Every Day Carry from my car, as I'm driving to work early (5:50 am). It's time to get those Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale orders out. Enjoy!

Get That Stink Off You!

As I was driving home, I really felt I just had to say this: "I feel that there are many people out there that have waited, and hoping too long on something.

Humility: Be Humble

As I’m driving to work in “snow flurries” here is South Texas, I just wanted to speak on humility and the power it holds in your life. Humility and Patience are two important ingredients in a deadly concoction called Success!

Love Your Mondays!

Quick rant on how your Monday mornings, could be the gauge on whether you are doing what you should be doing.


I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings about being confident. Such an important tool in business, but also in every day life.

Concealed Carry And Why You May Not Deserve It

Concealed carry is one of those dilemmas that people choose to excuse, because of some outside force that doesn’t allow us to do it and not looking at yourself and taking full responsibility.

Why We Stopped Making Custom Holsters

In this episode, we talk about the business decisions that directed us to stop making custom holsters, and how it has paid off tremendously. Enjoy

No Regrets: An Answer To A Snap

I thought the question / answer was worthy of sharing with everyone. I apologize for the quality of the audio, but it’s well worth it. Thanks for listening.

Traffic Rant #1- Negativity Fuels The Flame

I’ve always thought of negativity being something that I feed off of. Just like in business, you can turn it into a positive. Enjoy

Traffic Rant #2 - Don't Be The First

In this rant I talk about how many people are misleading with the notion that you have to be first when it comes to business. That is not true. Most successful businesses came along after the fact. Thanks for listening.

Traffic Rant #3 - Feeling Down When Sales Are Up

I find that the most interesting thing in business, for me, is when the rubber hits the road. When you have to grind it out to rise above the heap. I like the challenge almost more than the prize. Enjoy

Traffic Rant #4 - I Have No Problem Giving Up My Guns...If...

Talking about our “Right To Bear Arms” and putting things in perspective. Enjoy!

Listening To The Wrong People

Sometimes the reason we find ourselves in situations that we don’t truly belong in is because we simply listen to the wrong people.

Not JUST For Appendix IWB Carry - The Torsion Gun Holster

I’ve been wanting to clear up some misconceptions on the Torsion Gun Holster due to maybe the way we portray it on a daily basis.

Why We Are “NOT" Going To SHOT Show

In this episode I decided to answer a question that has been asked plenty of times within the last month or so. “Will you guys be at SHOT Show this year?”

The Market Always Dictates

I really wanted to touch on something that I feel most people forget and that is that the market will always dictate your approach on anything from what to sell to what kind of ads you run.

What Are You Willing To Do…?

Many people talk a BIG talk but they’re are NOT willing to get their hands dirty. No one cares more than you do. You have to go out there and grind it out on a daily basis. Whether you are running a business, trying to get that promotion at work or simply raising a family. No one should be hungrier than you

Patience Is Key

Patience is the breeding ground for greatness and legacy. Impatience is the breeding ground for greed and failure. Be patient and stop procrastinating.

Working Smart vs. Working Hard

What’s better, working hard or working smart? What's the best opportunity cost for Bravo Concealment?

The BCA Gun Holster: Why It’s Considered THE BEST

The “pancake style” gun holster has now gotten a Kydex facelift allowing for even better concealment because of it’s sturdier build. In this Podcast I talk about why the BCA Gun Holster is considered the BEST Gun Holster by many of our customers.

Nobody Cares About Your “GONNA

People talk a big talk but they don’t walk the walk. Nobody cares about what you’re gonna do. This isn’t something that society has deemed on us in the last decade, this has been going on since the beginning of time.

Feeling Entitled - No One Owes You Anything

It’s funny how we may not be in favor of entitlement programs yet we sometimes act like entitled people. A degree or just simply showing up to work doesn’t entitle you to anything.

When Is Enough, Enough?

If you love the game more than you love the prize, that’s when you know you’ve got something special. Many people see a growing business as a “sell out” or a company that is solely “in it for the money” I beg to differ.

Sometimes you have nothing to say

In a world of a lot of noise, sometimes we just need to take time and listen more than we talk. There is way too much talking and not enough listening.

You’ve gotta be willing to eat dirt

People don’t want to be humiliated. I get that, no one does, but you have to be willing to eat dirt to get the prize.

The Plank In Our Own Eye

Many of us are quick to look outwardly but never take the time to look inwardly. Most times the key to happiness lies within us and not around us.

Quick Rant: Don't Limit Yourself

Just a quick rant that I felt I had to share with you on NOT limiting yourself. Thanks for listening, talk to you soon.

Why I Think College Is Overrated

People talk about how one of the best ways to excel is by going to college but college isn’t for everyone and it isn’t for everything.

Protect Your Gun: Will Bravo Wear The Finish On Your Gun?

I know your gun is an investment and I can relate to trying to keep your EDC in its best possible shape. But, if you want to keep your gun in pristine conditions then you may want to leave it in your safe or dresser drawer.

Protect Your Gun: Will Bravo Wear The Finish On Your Gun?

I know your gun is an investment and I can relate to trying to keep your EDC in its best possible shape. But, if you want to keep your gun in pristine conditions then you may want to leave it in your safe or dresser drawer.

Protect Your Gun: Will Bravo Wear The Finish On Your Gun?

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30 Day Money Back: Why We Can

Why can we offer such awesome savings and literally a "We take all the risk" guarantee? Because we run Bravo as a "long term" company.

Hard Work Brings A Profit, Mere Talk Leads To Poverty

The "Grind It Out" mentality has been around for ages! Over six thousand years. This isn't something new. We just need to be constantly reminded that there is no "short cut". You simply have to just go out here and do it. Enjoy!

"I Don't Like Change!"

Change is not something most people look forward to. Especially when it doesn't instantly advance us to the next level. Even worse when it totally just puts us at a halt or even retards us. Enjoy!

Some People Just Don't Wanna Put in the Hard Work

Aside from working smart and being a practitioner of what's working and creating awareness you have to put in the hard work. Now I'm not talking about merely working hard with no plan, you have to have a plan because remember, there will be times when you're just waiting patiently and as we all know, one of the hardest things in life is waiting patiently. Enjoy

Blaze A New Trail: Be A Pioneer And Take The Arrows

Pioneers usually take in the arrows. That's OK though because blazing a new trail is one of the best ways to get somewhere no one has ever been. It's easy to follow conventional wisdom but it's when, what you are doing isn't conventional and is working, that's when you know you've got something special. Enjoy

You Only Have One Life, Own It!

Life is short, make the best of it. Like a batter up to the plate in baseball. Chances are that you will not hit a home run and in the process, strike out. But if you just keep grinding it out you will succeed. You have one life, make the most of it and keep taking swings. You will succeed in the end. Enjoy

Stop Working For The Weekend

Many people go through life only truly enjoying 2 days out of the week or 2 weeks out of the year (vacation time). If you don't feel like what you are doing now is what you're supposed to be doing then maybe it's time you seriously consider doing what you love and scaling it. Enjoy

The Truck Rant: Is Conventional Wisdom Good?

In this short rant called "The Truck Rant" I talk about the only thing that matters is what works best for you. NOT what other people think is good for everyone. Enjoy

Is Passion All You Really Need?

Passion is a great weapon to have in your arsenal of tools to be great but it does take several tools to be great. Many people think that passion alone will take them there. Be true to yourself and make sure you can scale what it is you are passionate about. Enjoy

Trolls and How to Deal With Them

In this podcast I talk about how to deal with Social Media Trolls. It simple really. Check it out. Enjoy

Interruptions: Why I Carry Concealed

Incidents in life put things in perspective. It opens our eyes to what we can do to better ourselves. It's the "survival" instinct that we all have.  In this podcast I talk about interruptions in life and how they can help us in the long run. Let's face it, no one likes interruptions but they are a necessity to making us stronger and better. Enjoy

Bravo RAW Interview Pt.1 - How Bravo Got Started PLUS more...

Interview with me, the Boss of Bravo Concealment. In part one of this interview which was not planned at all other than "let's do it", we touch on how Bravo got started, where the name came from and our process plus so much more. I had no idea what questions our new Video Editor was going to ask so this is pretty much RAW in the sense of prepping the interviewer. A little insight to the world of Bravo Concealment. Enjoy.

Bravo RAW Interview Pt. 2 - Why No Left Handed Holsters & More...

It is very important to me that you know as much as you can about us. I feel that when you spend you hard earned money, you'd like to know where it's going. This is us to the true meaning of the word "real" Hope you take something good from this. Our gun holster company has been around for about 8 years and has many insights. We touch on a few. In this interview we talk about the genesis of the company name, faking you and why no left handed holsters plus much more. Enjoy

You're Never Too Old To Start Something New!

Don't ever think that you're too old to start something, even a new career. I was about 38 when I realized that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Many people throw in the towel because they don't know what to do when they're 18 years old or 30 years old. You're still young! Find what it is that interests you, what you're passionate about and try it. You never know, you may just have something in you didn't know you had. Enjoy

Office Meeting With Bravo Customer Service

I took the time to motivate and instruct our Customer Service Dept here at Bravo. We took audio of this and thought I'd share it with you. Some really good insight in how I address certain things here at Bravo. Enjoy.

How NOT To Sell To The Market - Mother Nature Laughs Last

Many people put their interest in front of the markets interest. This is a BIG mistake because the Market doesn't care about your interest. The market only cares about what they want. The market can be ruthless. Just like the saying, "Mother Nature laughs last", so does the market. Learn what the market wants and give it to them. Enjoy

Answering Questions From Our Fans - Quick Q&A

A couple of questions from our fans were sent in and I decided to answer then on the air. Hope you enjoy. And, if you have any questions of your own to ask us please feel free to email us at office@bravoconcealment.com and type in The Bravo Audio Show on the subject line. We will try to get to them as soon as possible. Thanks.

Is Knowledge Overrated? - The Power Of Application

Many people "know" but how many apply what they "know"? Knowledge is simply knowledge. Applied knowledge is power! It's the difference between textbook and field application. You can read all you want about the science of swinging a golf club but until you apply it on the fairway, it's just something you know, not something you can do... not yet anyway. Enjoy.

Good Is A Killer Of Greatness

Good is "Good" but is it good enough? Sometimes it isn't. It's hard to let it go of "good" to pursue greatness. Many of us get galvanized by the comfort that good brings into our lives. Totally understandable because who wants to gamble away comfort? I had a hard time letting go of my prior job to go "all in" on Bravo. I was getting paid well and had great benefits. It was "good" and me and my family were comfortable enough. I had to do it though because Bravo would've suffered without me being there 100% I could not go through life thinking "what if?"

Printing And Concealed Carry - Why Nobody Cares!

Most of us are so vain that we think all eyes are on us at every moment. Most people out there don't care about your presence in a room much less if you're printing while carrying concealed. Stop leaving your gun at home because you may shed a shred of evidence that you have something under your shirt! Stop that! Know your state laws, train and start carrying. Enjoy.

Why This Was The HARDEST Decision I Ever Had To Make!

In business there is one decision I had so much trouble making, and that was leaving my prior job to go full throttle into Bravo. It was so difficult because it was a very good job. And like I said before in a prior Podcast, good can be a killer of greatness. I lay it all down on the table in this Vlog. I hope you enjoy it.

Why You Shouldn't Stop! Keep Moving Forward!

People sometimes get galvanized when something bad happens. Whether it's our own fault or something out of our immediate control. Let's face it though, It's not always easy to bounce back from failure but it is necessary. The only way to move forward after failure is to accept that failure is part of the process, put our emotions aside and grind forward. Hope this helps. Enjoy..

"Everything Is A Scam!".. Really?

Some people will tell you not to trust everything you see on the internet. Including certain training courses. I have learned so much on the internet and I'm not talking about college courses, I'm talking about private organizations that are willing to teach you certain things for a fee. Skeptics and cynics are always going to tell you to "beware". Now, granted, there is junk out there but for the most part there is a lot of good information on-line. Do your due diligence, study the course before you buy and if it checks out, do it. My guys are constantly doing on-line research when we are ready to launch something or move forward with something new. Hope this helps. Enjoy.

How Bravo Can Make The Best Gun Holsters - Process Is King!

Process is King. Bravo Concealment has a great process which in turn can pass on the savings to you, our customers. Many people don't understand that your maximum output is what is gonna dictate how many you can sell and how to set the best price you can for the greater Return On Investment. Enjoy.

3 Things You Need To Know About The Torsion Gun Holster

I did this video to show you how the Torsion IWB Gun Holster is designed to work. Many people think it was designed around appendix carry, it wasn't. Thanks for listening. Enjoy.

"YouTube Is Anti-Gun!"...So?

Many people are upset that YouTube is not “firearms” friendly. Trust me, I’m upset as well. We must not forget though that YouTube is a privately owned company and can choose to block or ban anyone they feel is not within their guidelines. With that being said, contacting YouTube and letting them know how we feel about their new “firearms” guidelines is something that should be and “is” being done. Thanks for your time.

The Second Amendment - The Cost Of Freedom and What I Think Of It

What is the cost of freedom? That may be up to the individual but for most people in the United States it's the cost of protecting ourselves from the enemy. In this short rant I talk about what the Second Amendment means to me and how I see it. Thanks for your time.

Do Those Around You Have Your Best Interest In Mind?

Many people have fallen short of their goals because of the people they listen to. Many people, though not done through malice or intent to harm, may not have your best interest in mind. This does not mean they don't love you or care about you. This simply means that most of us have our own interests in mind. Even when giving other people advice. Thanks for listening. Enjoy

How We Hire New People - Bravo Concealment

College degree?!!... I don't care. When we hire people here at Bravo we look at the person first. It is very important that we hire people who know how to commit and have good work ethics. How can you figure that out you ask? There are ways. Here is a quick vid on how we hire people. Thanks and enjoy.

If I Can, So Can You!

It's as simple as the title says. I'm nothing special guys. Now, that's not to say that I have certain qualities that allow me to run a business the way I do. But I'm not talking about a business, I'm talking about doing something you've always wanted to do but feel you can't. You may be able to do it! Cause if I could do it, well so can you. Enjoy

Can You Be Trusted With Little? - Blood Sweat And Tears

Many people think that they're too good to work on the little things. There is no short cut, you have to start at the bottom. It's like a staircase. You start with one step at the very bottom of the floor and you start climbing. Like the old saying goes. "There is no elevator to the floor of success, you have to take the stairs" Enjoy

Concealed Carry - Does It Make You More Responsible?

Like the saying goes: "With great power comes great responsibility" That is so true when it comes to concealed carry. There are 2 instances that I can recall clearly when I became a responsible person. The day me and my wife started a family and when I got my concealed handgun license. Carrying a gun grows you up fast and helps you put away childish things. Enjoy


What's Up With Facebook And Billboard Signs - Bravo's Social Media Marketing Team

I sat down with part of the Bravo Social Media Team and talked about current affairs and new strategies. While we were in the conversation Daniel, our video and audio editor asked if we could turn on the Zoom and record this meeting. I agreed and here we are. Hope you enjoy.

Everyone's An Entrepreneur Until They Get Punched In The Face!

Business isn't easy. Many people think they are business men until life hits them hard. You have to get up and hit it "Head On". Stop wasting time and get back up on your feet. That's what separates the boys from the men. The market is ruthless and takes no prisoners. I know that now but I wish I had someone telling me this early-on in my career. I learned and continue to learn the hard way. That doesn't mean that you won't but it's a lot better when you see the punch coming rather than getting "sucker-punched" Enjoy.

Should You Conceal Carry With A Round In The Chamber?

Since the beginning of my concealed carrying days I have always carried with a round chambered. This was always the case for me and I have felt very comfortable in doing so. There are some people though that don't carry with a round in the chamber.... Listen & I hope you enjoy.

Should We Arm Our School Teachers?

I have been asked this question many times and I always go back to the old saying; “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” That rings so much truth in any situation. Whether in a school or a dark alley, this is a fact. Please listen. Thanks

3 Reasons People Don't Conceal Carry

There are many reason why people donʼt conceal carry. Iʼm talking about those who are ready to “strap on” that smoke wagon but something happens, something goes wrong. What is it you may ask? Youʼre gonna have to listen to the podcast. Enjoy.


How many times have you come across this sign when entering a place? If you donʼt conceal carry, it doesnʼt really affect you other than telling the “Bad Guys” that itʼs 7 gun free zone and youʼre gonna be in it. How many of us ignore this sign and walk in anyway? Here is my take on this. Enjoy

Is the older stuff better than the newer stuff???!!!

Talking to Daniel and Carlos one day about how some of older stuff was built way better than the newer stuff. (guitars and cars) We thought is was an interesting subject so we turned on the Zoom and made a podcast. Enjoy.

Attention All First Time Gun Buyers!

Sitting again with some of the Bravo Social Media Team and started talking about first time gun buyers. We felt it was a very interesting topic so we decided to share it with you. We are NOT professionals when it comes to gun laws and certain gun subjects but we felt good about the content. Enjoy!

Our Differences Is What Truly Makes Us Great!

We are so different, even in how we comprehend certain material. Whether it’s a song or a syllable, we take in that information and our bias is based on what our minds comprehend at that very moment. To think that we should all think the same would just make us dull, shallow and gray. What is it that makes life beautiful? In essence, it’s the colorful nature of our existence.

Good Artist Copy, Great Artist Steal

In this podcast we talk about taking ideas from competitors. Is this wrong? It’s almost a subject that usually ends with “to each their own” I think that having multiple products of the same kind is great for the consumer. Besides, “imitation is the greatest form of flattery” unless you’re on the losing side of it. Enjoy

Children And Guns: What NOT To Do!

I didn’t grow up around guns so naturally guns were taboo. This made me very curious about guns. I had only seen them on TV so naturally when I came across a real one I wanted to hold it and point it at something. Now, mind you, I was very young and had no prior experiences with them. This made it a very dangerous situation. Luckily, I had enough sense not to hurt myself or anyone else around me. This isn’t always the case though.

This is Why Most People Fail

Patience is KEY when it comes to everyday life. Emotions can be deceiving. This is why most people fail at things, they make decisions based on emotions and not on humbleness, gentleness and patience. I’ve heard people say this, “you’re gut reaction is usually the right one” That is the case sometimes but for the most part, this is why we get in trouble. Learn from other people and take in the knowledge of people who have been there already and have done it. Hope this helps. Thanks for listening.

What About Star Wars? with Dan & Carlos

We are all fans of the Star Wars Movies here, some much more than others. As we were talking about the new Solo movie (no spoilers) things got interesting. We decided to share our thoughts on the Star Wars Universe. Enjoy and May The Force Be With You!

Important Things To Consider While Conceal Carrying

You’ve heard me say that “Concealed Carry is a way of life” Nothing is more true. In this video I talk about my experiences with concealed carry and what works great for me. Thanks and enjoy.

Is the “Second Amendment” That Important?!?!

There is no NEW revelation when it comes to the Second Amendment. It was written over 200 years ago in a very easy to understand way. Many people try to direct it to try to understand what the founding fathers meant when they wrote it.  In this video I talk about what it means to me and many people out there. Enjoy.

The Grass IS NOT Always Greener On The Other Side

Talking about adversity and benefits in different geographic locations with Dan and Carlos. Interesting topics about growing up, crossing the border and road rage. Many of us feel that the grass is always greener on the other side. I totally understand why people feel that way. I believe it’s the minds way of keeping an interest in life. Sometimes though, many times, it’s not always greener and that’s life showing us not to be in want. There is nothing wrong with perseverance and hard work for a better life but it’s not the “Green Grass” that’ll give us a better life. There is more to life than that. Enjoy.

Is IWB Better Than OWB?!?!

Is there an answer to the most common question asked when talking about concealed carry. I’ve been conceal carrying for about 20 years with about 8 years on a consistent, everyday carry level. In this video I talk about my experiences as an avid concealed carrier and try to answer the “Age ‘Ol” question…”Which is better?!”

The Bravo Audio Show Podcast Ep. 1

These are our NEW “Long Form” podcast. These podcast will include myself and other people as well. In this episode I sit down with Carlos and Dan to discuss many things to include NASA, iPhone vs Android and Self Driving Cars. We hope you enjoy and thanks for your time.

Concealed Carry "IS" A Way Of Life

Just like getting married, having children, working out or eating healthy, Concealed Carry is a huge change in daily routing. This why many people don’t carry concealed on a consistent basis. People don’t like change especially when more work is involved. Here are few tips that I’ve learned in the past years as a person who conceals on a daily basis. Enjoy.

What Is The BEST Gun For Conceal Carry? Here Is What I Run

Here is a breakdown of the handguns I carry for concealment. Many people have been asking me what kind of guns I run and what accessories I run with them. I’ll show you what works for me in this Blog. I hope you enjoy and thanks for your time.

Space Force! What is it? - The Bravo Audio Show

Talking to Dan and Carlos about what President Trump set out to do. Create a 6th branch of the armed forces, Space Force. What does it mean? What does it entail? Maybe you guys and can answer the question. Enjoy.

Amazon's Theft Problem & Super Cheap Movies - The Bravo Audio Show

Is Amazon preparing for World Domination? Their brick and mortar stores are gonna be super convenient. That's what Amazon has pretty much banked on form it's inception. In this podcast we talk flood rains in South Texas, Movie Pass and Amazon. Sit back and enjoy. Thanks.

Bravo On Haters - Disney’s Appetite To Rule!

What’s up with los haters ese! We’ve become numb to the negativity and here is why… we’re just to darn busy. Plus, what’s up with Disney and Fox?… I like it. It keeps people sharp. If you can’t be great, someone great is gonna take you.

The Bravo Audio Show Ep. 2

We talk about president Trump’s Space Force, Amzon’s potential theft problem, cheap movies, Disney’s interest in Fox and Bravo Haters and how we deal with them. Enjoy

Does Anyone Care About Soccer & The World Cup?

Soccer is the biggest sport in the world yet here in America we are numb to it. It’s amazing how most Americans have that “we don’t care” attitude when almost everyone else in the world goes berserk over the World Cup. Here is our little discussion on this. Enjoy.

Splitting California into 3 States & Honest Abe

Is California really splitting into 3 separate states? It will be on this years ballot. Would Abraham Lincoln win a presidency in this day and age? What do we really think about President Trump?

Carrying While Traveling on Vacation & Concealment in Other States!?!

Sitting down with Dan & Carlos having a further discussion on the issue of: -California splitting into 3 State. -How Gun Laws are different from State to State. -Traveling while you conceal carry & things you need to know before doing so. Enjoy.

The Bravo Audio Show Ep. 3

We talk about Soccer being the biggest sport in the World, and how America is numb to it. California’s plan to split itself into 3 states, our thoughts on the President, Concealed carry while traveling & how it differs from state to state & Google trying to burn your eyes with Lasers!?!?! Enjoy!

Thoughts on The Capital Gazette Shooting

With the Tragedy that took place took place last week, I sit down with Dan & Carlos to talk about our thoughts on the Annapolis, Maryland. Our Condolences go out to all the family & friends affected by the event.

The Bravo Audio Show Ep. 4

On This Week's Podcast:-With the Tragedy that took place took place I sit down with Dan & Carlos to talk about our thoughts on the Annapolis, Maryland. Our Condolences go out to all the family & friends affected by the event. -We talk about our favorite locals spots for TACOS! -Is the B-word offensive to us??? -What Makes a $40,000 Guitar!?!?! -Nothing Sounds Better Than A V8 (New Dodge Hellcat-Demon) -Discussing the reasoning behind Disney's decision to put all future stand alone Star Wars movies. -How movies becoming more & more expense can hurt the Market.

China's New Laser Gun!?!

This time I sit down with Dan & Carlos to discuss: China's New Laser Rifle Weapons of the Future or To suppress its citizens?!?

Landlords Taking Our Guns?!

Should landlords have the right to deny us housing if we own guns? Can they kick us out if we have firearms? Or is that unlawful?

Things You Should Know When Conceal Carrying!!!

In this podcast, we sit down and discuss if it's wrong to conceal carry when going to parties and how to react when they ask you to leave your gun behind. What are your thoughts on the subject?

The Bravo Audio Show Ep. 5

This time I sit down with Dan & Carlos to discuss: China's New Laser Rifle Weapons of the Future or To suppress its citizens?!? Should landlords have the right to deny us housing if we own guns? Can they kick us out if we have firearms? Or is that unlawful? if it's wrong to conceal carry when going to parties. how to react when they ask you to leave your gun behind. What are your thoughts on the subject?

American Owns Half The Guns on Earth!?!

We sit down to discuss a U.N. Report on the amount of Guns in the World & Laws Internationally. How Countries in the Past have taken its Citizens Weapons. Gun Data Base/ Global Registry? How much regulation is too much?

Does America Own Too Many Guns?

The wording on this UN report seems to portray America in a negative light for owning so many guns. Is that the case, though? Is America the bad guy for having almost half of the world's firearms? Leave your thoughts down below.

Liberal News and Its Bias

In this Podcast, we discuss the way the left skews certain aspects of the news for their agenda. We often see the way some media can bend facts to fit their narrative, and in this episode we tackle that issue head on. What are your thoughts?

Protecting Your Kids the Right Way!

In this Podcast, we talk about the brave woman from Dallas, TX that protected her children by shooting her attacker in the face. We discuss what she did right, and what she could've done better. We also bring up a man who got arrest for having his gun STOLEN! What kind of message does that send to the citizens of the state?

Appendix Carry is Dangerous!?!?

Anytime the Debate about Appendix Carrying comes up, many choose to raise the question of whether it is more dangerous then other forms of carrying. We sit down to discuss what are the Truths & Myths to Appendix Carry?

The Bravo Audio Show - Episode #6

We sit down to discuss: -U.N. Report on the amount of Guns in the World & Laws Internationally. -How Countries in the Past have taken its Citizens Weapons. -Gun Data Base/ Global Registry? -How much regulation is too much? -The wording on this UN report seems to portray America in a negative light for owning so many guns. Is America the bad guy for having almost half of the world's firearms?  -The way the left skews certain aspects of the news for their agenda. -The brave woman from Dallas, TX that protected her children by shooting her attacker in the face. -A man who got arrest for having his gun STOLEN! What kind of message does that send to the citizens of the state?

3D Printed Guns Are Here! How to Make Your Own!

3D Printed Guns Are Here! Are they the future of fire arms? How easy is it to get your hands on one? What does this mean for how Americans obtain their guns? We discuss all of this and more on this episode of the Bravo Audio Show. Let us know your thoughts on 3D printed guns in the comment section below.

9mm Versus .45 - Which is the better round? >

The infamous debate: Which round is better? The 9mm or the .45? In this podcast we give the pros and cons of both and weigh in on which round is truly the best! What's your opinion? What do you carry? Let us know below!

How One Call Can Make You Lose Your Guns

Imagine having your guns taken away almost instantly because someone makes a single call. That's what the "Red Flag Bill" in Chicago seeks to do. How easily can this be abused? How simple is it for someone who doesn't like you to separate you from your firearms? What are your thoughts on this bill? Let us know.

Weed Makes You Unfit For Your Guns!?!?

Speaking about different State laws, Massachusetts has taken action against those with Medical Marijuana License Holders by limiting/prohibiting them from purchasing firearms. Is Alcohol that much different than Weed? Should State or Federal law be enforced?

Gun Safety & Why It's So Important!

When it comes to gun safety we tend to get complacent. Why it's important to practice Gun Safety all the time. Don't Make Gun Safety Taboo with children, Teach your children the proper safety.

Stand Your Ground Laws Are Wrong?!?

We Sit Down And talk About the Florida Shooting of A Parking Space & if the Stand Your Ground Law Is Lawful: Markeis McGlockton, 28, died on July 19 after the altercation, which began as an argument over a handicapped parking space, and Drejka confronted McGlockton, Drejka pulled out a handgun shot him in the chest.

Seattle Is Trying to Ban Guns!?!?

With Cities trying to implement stricter gun laws to do recent events in the U.S. How would you feel if your city tried to regulate when & where you can have a firearm. The city of Seattle is trying to implement a "safe storage" as a way of better gun laws? The NRA sues the city for being unconstitutional, where do your rights as a citizen stand & what is Pseudo Gun Control?!?

Glock VS 1911: The Great Debate!!

Ever since the introduction of polymer materials in firearms, Gun Enthusiast have been debating whether there are advantages over an all metal firearm. We sit down to discuss our preferences and the pros & cons to both options.

Appendix Carry is Dangerous!?!?

Anytime the Debate about Appendix Carrying comes up, many choose to raise the question of whether it is more dangerous then other forms of carrying. We sit down to discuss what are the Truths & Myths to Appendix Carry?

It's Not The Guns Fault, It's The PEOPLE!!!

Discussing whether or not Video Games make our society more violent; in the early 00s the studies being conducted about how "Shooter"-style video games and the way they impacted violent behaviors. More guns in the U.S.: means more guns in the hands of the Bad Guys? & What Gun Laws work the Best??

Never Be Satisfied!

Always trying to push the envelope for our customer here at Bravo, we never take the “good enough” approach to things. With Our Customers in mind we are always taking it to the next level to satisfy the needs of our customers & to leave them with the industry’s Best Holsters!

Why People Lose

Iʼm sitting in my back yard and I felt like I had to share this with you guys. People will steer you the wrong way. What works for them may not work for you. You need to find what it is you want to do with your life. Donʼt allow people to live vicariously through you. I worked 20 years delivering mail thinking “Iʼve done it!” because everyone else was telling me I had made it. I wasnʼt truly happy though. I needed to find ,n outlet for my desires and interest. You are in control. I hope this helps someone. Thanks.

Don't Let Your Mind Scam You into NOT Carrying

There are many reasons why people don't conceal carry. The "Mind Scam" is probably the one that gets the least attention but is behind almost all reasons why many don't carry on a daily basis. In this podcast I talk about how the mind can lead you astray, not only when it comes to carrying concealed but in other areas as well such as health, finances, & relationships, Thank You For Your Time, Enjoy Rene Aguirre

We Are A Business, Get Over It.

I am a business man first and foremost & Bravo is in the business of profit. Many people may take issue with that statement and thatʼs ok. This is why I created this podcast. Please listen and thanks for your time.

Bravo Concealment Live Q&A Oct. 4th

A couple of questions answered on Facebook Live. Hope you enjoy. And, if you have any questions of your own to ask us please feel free to email us at office@bravoconcealment.com

Bravo Concealment Live Q&A Oct. 5th

Answering Customers Questions on Facebook Live! If you have any questions of your own to ask us please feel free to email us at office@bravoconcealment.com

Accountability - You are the reason nothing gets done!

Many people will make a list of outside forces that keep them from getting things done. The problem with that list is that their name is never on it!

The Truth - It hurts so get ready for some pain

Many people are very inquisitive but don't like all answers. I've been asked many questions about Bravo. Some answers are not what people want to hear but I prefer to be honest rather than "beat around the bush"

Doing Things You Don't Want To Do!

You can't leverage what you have if you don't put in the work. The nasty, hard work.

Do You Have It In You?

Health, Love, Wealth, Concealed Carry? Is it DNA or can it be taught? I think it's got to be in you, for the most part. Some things you can learn, other things you just can't. Enjoy