Springfield XDE 3.3" BCA Gun Holster

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  • Springfield XDE 3.3" BCA Gun Holster

Springfield XDE 3.3" BCA Gun Holster

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  • The new XD-E™ encompasses the best elements of the world-renowned XD® Series. The XD-E is intuitive, comfortable and accurate. Once you try it, you can't imaging being without it.  

    The same can be said about our gun holsters. Easy to wear and comfortable whether you choose IWB (inside the waistband) or OWB (outside the waist band) conceal carry. Rest assured that Bravo Concealment Holsters and Springfield Armory go hand-in-hand.

    All of our gun holsters and mag pouches are designed in-house through CAD/CAM, CNC Machines and 3-D Scanning Arms. All Forming Molds are made in-house using 6061-T6 Aluminum.

    BCA (Bravo Concealment Adaptive) Holster:

    • Designed for outside the waistband carry, but can easily be converted to inside the waistband by switching out the belt loops.
    • Solid locking retention of weapon.
    • BCA holster comes in two options: with or without pistol light. 
    • 10° cant enhances concealment under loose garments.
    • Robust 1.5” or 1.75” injection molded belt loops prevent breakage even under rigorous use. 
    • Belt loops can be replaced with Belt Clips for inside the waistband carry.
    • The BCA creates adequate room for a positive grip thus enabling a smooth draw with solid weapon retention.
    • Belt loops are adjustable to create a desired cant for greater concealment.
    • All edges on holster are rounded for comfort.
    • All holsters are curved to fit the contours of your body.