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Why Bravo Is The Best Choice for
OWB / IWB Kydex Concealment Holsters

IWB Appendix Kydex Gun Holster Holster vs Competitor

The Best Kydex Pistol Holster

We use the best materials for maximum concealment and durability.

Our holsters are made with a *Low-Profile in mind. We use Kydex which is a superior form of thermoforming plastic for a thin yet durable holster. This allows for the best concealed carry holster you will ever experience.

*A Bravo Kydex Concealment Holster only adds 0.16 of an inch to the overall thickness of your gun.

The best concealed carry gun holsters

The Best Concealed Carry Holsters

Our kydex holsters are molded to an exact replica of your pistol to ensure precise tolerances for the BEST fit and the smoothest draws. Our molding and cutting process is an advancement in Kydex gun holster making. We use 6061-T6 aluminum alloy cut by only the best CNC machines and CAD programs to create the most precise molds. We then take these vacuum formed molds and cut your holster with extreme precision to ensure the BEST and most consistent holster on the market.

*Our precision molds allow for a smooth inside providing the upmost care for your firearm's finish. Most other materials such as leather and synthetics are very abrasive to finishes.

the best kydex concealment gun holster

Because Your Deserve The Best Concealment Holster

Only the Best Hardware for your holster.

Made of a high quality reinforced Nylon, our belt loops and belt clips are tough and endure extreme conditions. High end O-rings withstand heat, water, and oils for a long lasting elasticity. Our black oxide coated machine screws are mated to our custom made backing post and have a high tensile strength for a secure hold.

Click here to see why our kydex concealed carry holsters are the very best for your EDC.
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How To Adjust OWB Concealed Carry Holster Options

How To Adjust IWB Concealed Carry Holster Options

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Customer Reviews

I think that Bravo Concealment Holsers SET THE STANDARD that any of its competitors should try to achieve!
The web site is great + the emails I receive indicating some really outstanding prices is very helpful to me.
I am a fairly new customer, having ordered a BCA OWB holster and double magazine holster for my M&P Shield 9mm. The FRIENDLY folks I have talked with at Bravo Concealment..... SUPER FAST service and EXTREME QUALITY is the reason I am returning to place an order for my new M&P 2.0 40 pistol.
THANK YOU Bravo for providing such finely engineered and quality products and offering them at such a reasonable cost + providing me with a great discount in the FREE magazine holster as well.
You can bet that I will remain a very LOYAL customer!
THANK YOU, again!
J. M. McKeever
I have been running my DOS Torsion for the past two weeks and I can proudly say that it is hands down the best kydex concealment holster I've had. The fit and finish is 100% as to be expected with a Bravo Concealment holster. The design is great and it really does conceal well. It rides high enough to get a full firing grip purchase on the firearm as you draw it. It's got a positive click retention assuring you the gun is seated tight in the holster, yet the draw is as smooth as butter. Amazing products these dudes are making. I own a few bravo products and I plan to have more soon!!!
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