Introducing the Bravo Concealment Paddle Attachments. Just slip your Holster over your gun belt and you are ready to carry. It’s practically that simple.

These attachments convert your OWB gun holster and magazine pouches into a quick “on and off” paddle holster. Imagine not having to thread your belt through the holster belt loops anymore. Just slip your gun holster over your belt, it’s that simple. These Paddle Attachments hold on to dear life and will not let go until you decide otherwise.

  • • Lightweight and Extremely Comfortable
  • • Tough and Durable to Withstand Daily Use
  • • Accommodates Belt Sizes: 1.25" and 1.50"
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The BCA Gun Holster Has Changed the Game in Concealed Carry

The Bravo Concealment Adaptive holster is our first ever design. It has withheld the test of time by constantly evolving over the years. It started as a Kydex holster phenom to what we know it today as simply one of the BEST OWB holsters ever! It allows for deep concealment with a simple shirt or light jacket by pulling your gun snug up against your body with incredible “all day” comfort. You can take the BCA and go IWB, OWB or paddle holster with our line of accessories. It also allows for full customization like ride height and cant by moving the belt loops. It is truly adaptive to your needs. The BCA is designed in the USA with high-end machines for the perfect fit for you and your gun. This makes it perfect for concealed carry and everyday carry.

The TORSION Gun Holster. A Breakthrough In IWB

With it’s patented Torsion TechnologyTM the high-quality Torsion is the BEST IWB holster. Its radical design allows the handgun to be twisted inward towards the body for maximum concealment. The inward 5-degree cant or twist of the handgun conceals the grip of the gun achieving the ultimate in concealed carry without the use of any external attachments. Our belt clips allow for adjustable ride heights and for deep concealment whether you run appendix carry or anywhere else along your waistline. This makes the Torsion simple yet highly effective. Adjustable retention is found in our 3.0 line of holsters. Kydex holsters are also available.

Why People Don't Conceal Carry

Many people leave their handguns at home because they chose the wrong gun holster. Bravo Concealment offers the BEST in comfort and concealment. Below is an illustration why over hundreds of thousands of people have chosen Bravo Concealment.

Too Bulky
Other Holsters
Bravo Concealment
Too loose
Other Holsters
The Right Fit
Bravo Concealment


The Torsion Gun Holster with its Torsion TechnologyTM can be worn anywhere around the belt line. Whether you are in the mood for AIWB (Appendix Inside the WaistBand) carry or strong side carry, rest assured the Torsion will do the job extremely well. You can also tuck in your shirt around the belt clip allowing for a concealed gun holster and gun. This is achieved by running the Torsion Gun Holster in the “Single Belt Clip Configuration” or you can also run the holster in the standard “Dual Belt Clip Configuration”.

Advanced Technology in IWB Holsters

How can you take an IWB Holster and make it better? By adding an inward “built in” cant allowing you to conceal your gun even better than before. This is what the Torsion TechnologyTM does. It integrates a torsion design into the holster for maximum concealability while achieving great levels of comfort. How? you may ask. By producing a more flat surface on the backside of the Torsion gun holster in the process of integrating its breakthrough technology.

Ready To Wear Straight Out Of The Box!

Our gun holsters come ready to wear. There is no assembly required or reading of countless pages of instruction manuals. They are simple yet very effective in their design. We choose to be the masters of one thing and not a “jack of all trades” company. This is why many people say we have the BEST concealed carry holsters. Concealment is our business and we want you to start your quest into concealed carry as soon as you get your gun holster.