Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What can you tell me about your holsters?

A. Read about our gun holsters HERE.

Q. Is there retention on a light bearing holster when used with a non-light bearing gun?

A. No, there is no retention on a light bearing holster when trying to holster a gun without the light, since most of the retention is set on the light itself.


Q. What is the purpose for the “slant cut” design?

A. “Slant cut” allows the user to move dynamically without the corners of the gun holster or mag pouches digging into the thigh area.


Q. Do all gun holsters have the “slant cut” design?

A. Yes, “slant cut” is standard on all gun holsters.


Q. What is the purpose of the “sweat guard”?

A. Sweat guards keep the slide from touching your body or clothing.


Q. Can I adjust the cant on a holster?

A. Yes, you can adjust the cant of a holster by moving belt loops up or down along the rivet line. *Cant cannot be adjusted on any sub-compact model guns.


Q. Will Kydex scratch my gun?

A. There is no holster that will not eventually wear on a gun. With that being said, Kydex has a very smooth inner surface which is not as abrasive as other hard plastics or leather. Bravo Concealment Kydex Holsters also have much tighter tolerances than other types of holsters. This helps in keeping the gun secure and without "rattling" or moving in the holster. This keeps the gun from wearing faster. Kydex holsters will preserve the finish better than any other product.


Q. Will the retention ever wear out on my holster?

A. It is very unlikely. Please contact us if your retention needs to be reset or you feel your holster needs a retention adjustment. 


Q. Do Bravo Concealment holsters have warranty?

A. Yes, Bravo Concealment holsters have a unlimited lifetime warranty. If you have any problems just ship it back at your convenience and we will fix it or replace.


Q. Do you offer LEO, Military and First Responder discounts?

A. Yes we do. Please fill out the form HERE and we will reply with your coupon code which can be used at checkout.


Q. What is your return policy?

A. You have 30 days after you receive your item(s) to return for a full refund (excluding shipping) 


Q. Can I cancel an order before it ships?

A. You can cancel at any time. Cancelation MUST be done over the phone.


Q. Can I change an order before it ships?

A. Yes you can. Depending on the change, there may be a small delay added to your order. Order changes can be done over the phone or through email. 


Q. What Happened to the Custom Holster Options?

A. We have transitioned to all “Quick Ship” holster offerings. We know that some gun options are not available at the moment. Please be patient as we will be bringing back the most popular gun/holster options throughout the year. We apologize but we do not have any exact release dates for any specific gun/holster options at the moment. For the latest news and product release updates subscribe to our Newsletter and stay posted to our social media channels and take advantage of our weekly product giveaways.


Q. Will my warranty still be honored/valid on a Custom Order?

A. Yes all our holster products carry our unlimited lifetime warranty.