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I first tested the BCA at an all-day defensive-pistol course, and it worked beautifully. The gun felt secure the entire day, through close to a hundred draws and reholsters.

David Workman  

...the OWB holster was so comfortable that I could hardly tell that I was wearing my gun at all.

John Crump

This is a very good, quality holster that presents a great option for OWB carry

Eve Flanigan

Versatility is the ultimate virtue of the Torsion holster.

SI Team

" conceals to it's fullest potential"

Personal Defense World

“I’ve used Bravo Concealment Holsters for many years. First as a cop, and now as a Tier 1 Citizen. There is no substitute for excellence.”

Abner Miranda (Tier 1 Citizen)

"The holster is one of the most important tools you can buy after your gun ... I choose Bravo Concealment"

Instructor Zero

"Reliable retention from minimalist design." 

Joseph Kurtenbauch

"Bravo Concealment is doing some innovative stuff"

Dave Spaulding

"I care if my holster is gonna work.. that's way I like Bravo Concealment"

Daniel Shaw

Gun Holster Combos

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    Buy a Combo Kit and save! Bravo Concealment now has combos that include a gun holster and 1 single magazine pouch of same gun type.

    Our Combos consist of either our Outside the Waist Band (OWB) Gun Holsters or Inside the Waist (IWB) Gun Holsters. Whether you choose to carry your pistol holster in OWB carry or *IWB carry, you will be glad you've chosen Bravo Concealment.


    Gun Holster Combos Review