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IWB Holsters for concealed carry

  Bravo's Inside the Waist Band (IWB) Torsion Gun Holster is a dedicated IWB carry holster. Whether you run appendix or anywhere else around your waistline this concealed carry holster is tough enough and durable enough to do the job. The IWB concealment holster is easy to wear with our standard double IWB belt clip configuration. You can adjust the ride height and cant or tilt of the gun by adjusting the proprietary belt clips included with your holster. This allows for more deep concealment adjustable by you, the end user. For more flexibility in your carry position simply remove the shorter belt clip and utilize a single belt clip for easy belt line adjustments.

  Most IWB gun holsters on the market today rely on a "claw" or "wing" for better concealment. The Torsion gun holster with its patented Torsion Technology allows for great concealment without the necessity of any type of attachments. This is achieved by twisting the gun inside the holster towards your body and keeping the grip of the gun closer to your side. It practically becomes a part of you as it sits so close to you. It makes it way more comfortable than some of our competitors inside the waistband holsters which leave the grip of the gun waving around.  

  Our belt clips are made of a durable plastic polymer for the best grip on your belt. Unlike other belt loops, our belt clips bite down and won't let go until you are ready to allow them to let go. The inner ramp inside the belt clips makes sure the belt stays on the "hook" even when under the stress of drawing your weapon.

  Our 3.0 holsters offer a retention screw for adjustable retention. These IWB holsters are made of a high-quality polymer blend for the best in everyday concealment from fit and comfort to finish.

  So whether you are running appendix carry or strong side or 5 o'clock position, know that you have a quality holster backing you up every single time you carry concealed.

IWB Holster

  • Designed for IWB concealed carry.
  • Deeper Concealment with NEW Torsion Technology.
  • Integrated 10 degree inward cant for greater conceal-ability.
  • Designed for IWB concealed carry.
  • Erases your weapon’s visual signature.
  • Extremely Comfortable to wear.
  • One of few IWB holsters offering retention.
  • Holster adds minimal mass to weapon.
  • Holster retains its shape for efficient one handed re holstering.

NEW 3.0 Gun Holsters

  • New Adjustable Retention.
  • New Polymer Injection Mold.
  • Deep Concealment with NEW Torsion Technology
  • Integrated 10 degree inward cant for greater conceal-ability
  • Designed specifically for IWB concealed carry.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • One of few IWB holsters offering retention.
  • Holster adds minimal mass to weapon.
  • Holster retains its shape for efficient one handed re holstering.

Satisfied Customers

Bravo Concealment manufactures the best holsters for IWB and OWB concealed carry.

I first tested the BCA at an all-day defensive-pistol course, and it worked beautifully. The gun felt secure the entire day, through close to a hundred draws and reholsters.
David Workmans
...the OWB holster was so comfortable that I could hardly tell that I was wearing my gun at all.
John Crump
This is a very good, quality holster that presents a great option for OWB carry.
Eve Flanigan
Versatility is the ultimate virtue of the Torsion holster.
SI Team
" conceals to it's fullest potential."
Personal Defense World
Abner Miranda logo
“I’ve used Bravo Concealment Holsters for many years. First as a cop, and now as a Tier 1 Citizen. There is no substitute for excellence.”
Abner Miranda (Tier 1 Citizen)
"The holster is one of the most important tools you can buy after your gun ... I choose Bravo Concealment."
Instructor Zero
NRA American Rifleman logo
"Reliable retention from minimalist design."
Joseph Kurtenbauch
"Bravo Concealment is doing some innovative stuff."
Dave Spaulding
"I care if my holster is gonna work ... that's why I like Bravo Concealment."
Daniel Shaw

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