I have been running my DOS Torsion for the past two weeks and I can proudly say that it is hands down the best kydex concealment holster I've had. The fit and finish is 100% as to be expected with a Bravo Concealment holster. The design is great and it really does conceal well. It rides high enough to get a full firing grip purchase on the firearm as you draw it. It's got a positive click retention assuring you the gun is seated tight in the holster, yet the draw is as smooth as butter. Amazing products these dudes are making. I own a few bravo products and I plan to have more soon!!!

I work narcotics for the LAPD I purchased two OWB custom kydex holsters. Drawing from the holster is smooth and they do not flop around like other cheap holsters. They are the best kydex gun holsters I have ever owned. I will be a client for life.MS

Bravo Concealment embraces the very value of American-made/Customer Service. Their craftsmanship is superb! Do yourself a favor. Quit buying 'cheap holsters' that fill your drawers at home and invest in American-made quality kydex gun holsters from Bravo Concealment. - RC

I received my light bearing holster and mag pouch yesterday that I ordered for my Springfield XDM 45. Just wanted to let you know that I have a Tupperware storage bin full of holsters that I have accumulated over the years for countless different pistols I have owned. I am very happy with your product. The gun fits perfectly and locks in very snug. No worry about the gun coming out unless you mean for it to. The quality of this holster is better than any I have owned. I will be ordering another one soon for my Glock 30s. Thanks. - Jason

No Question, I just want to let you know that I am impressed with the service I got when I rush ordered my new patriot holster and single mag pouch for my Glock 27. The finish work is excellent and the weapon rides nice and high. Thank you very much! - Gary

Just wanted you to know that I love my new holster.It fits my Glock 19 4th Gen perfectly with the right amount of retention and the right amount of drawing ease. - Elaine

I just wanted to tell you guys that I've been wearing your holsters every single day since they arrived on my doorstep. I open carry an FNX 45 and I can't even feel the weight of the gun or the two spare magazines. I sometimes forget I'm carrying but every so often I get a compliment on my gun and my holster. Thanks for the outstanding EDC equipment! - Ian

Just received my holster and mag pouches... Great gear! I'm glad I made the choice to go with bravo :) the holster is a beautiful product! Very slim and nicely contoured. Fits my glock 34 perfectly. The mag pouches are right on the money as well! There's so much kydex to choose from these days it can be tough to make a decision..I made a good one! Thanks so much. - John H.

Just got back from a TDY and opened my DOS holster for my PPQ. I have to let you know that this is by far one of the best holsters I own (and I own quite a few) for the purpose of appendix carry. I am absolutely in love with this thing! Looking forward to placing an order soon for one for my G19. Thanks again for having an awesome company which makes amazing quality products and has legit customer service. That is hard to find nowadays and you have made a customer for life. - Jeremiah