Not only does Bravo make what I feel is the BEST Kydex gear out there; their customer service is BETTER than BEST. It is personal and hands on and when I had an issue with delivery that was totally out of Bravo's control they stepped up and made things right at their own expense. As long as I need Kydex gear my first and only choice will be Bravo.

A truly GREAT AMERICAN company!!!


I think that Bravo Concealment Holsers SET THE STANDARD that any of its competitors should try to achieve!
The web site is great + the emails I receive indicating some really outstanding prices is very helpful to me.
I am a fairly new customer, having ordered a BCA OWB holster and double magazine holster for my M&P Shield 9mm. The FRIENDLY folks I have talked with at Bravo Concealment..... SUPER FAST service and EXTREME QUALITY is the reason I am returning to place an order for my new M&P 2.0 40 pistol.
THANK YOU Bravo for providing such finely engineered and quality products and offering them at such a reasonable cost + providing me with a great discount in the FREE magazine holster as well.
You can bet that I will remain a very LOYAL customer!
THANK YOU, again!
J. M. McKeever
I have been running my DOS Torsion for the past two weeks and I can proudly say that it is hands down the best kydex concealment holster I've had. The fit and finish is 100% as to be expected with a Bravo Concealment holster. The design is great and it really does conceal well. It rides high enough to get a full firing grip purchase on the firearm as you draw it. It's got a positive click retention assuring you the gun is seated tight in the holster, yet the draw is as smooth as butter. Amazing products these dudes are making. I own a few bravo products and I plan to have more soon!!!

I work narcotics for the LAPD I purchased two OWB custom kydex holsters. Drawing from the holster is smooth and they do not flop around like other cheap holsters. They are the best kydex gun holsters I have ever owned. I will be a client for life. - MS

Bravo Concealment embraces the very value of American-made/Customer Service. Their craftsmanship is superb! Do yourself a favor. Quit buying 'cheap holsters' that fill your drawers at home and invest in American-made quality kydex gun holsters from Bravo Concealment. - RC

I received my light bearing holster and mag pouch yesterday that I ordered for my Springfield XDM 45. Just wanted to let you know that I have a Tupperware storage bin full of holsters that I have accumulated over the years for countless different pistols I have owned. I am very happy with your product. The gun fits perfectly and locks in very snug. No worry about the gun coming out unless you mean for it to. The quality of this holster is better than any I have owned. I will be ordering another one soon for my Glock 30s. Thanks. - Jason

No Question, I just want to let you know that I am impressed with the service I got when I rush ordered my new patriot holster and single mag pouch for my Glock 27. The finish work is excellent and the weapon rides nice and high. Thank you very much! - Gary

Just wanted you to know that I love my new holster.It fits my Glock 19 4th Gen perfectly with the right amount of retention and the right amount of drawing ease. - Elaine

I just wanted to tell you guys that I've been wearing your holsters every single day since they arrived on my doorstep. I open carry an FNX 45 and I can't even feel the weight of the gun or the two spare magazines. I sometimes forget I'm carrying but every so often I get a compliment on my gun and my holster. Thanks for the outstanding EDC equipment! - Ian

Just received my holster and mag pouches... Great gear! I'm glad I made the choice to go with bravo :) the holster is a beautiful product! Very slim and nicely contoured. Fits my glock 34 perfectly. The mag pouches are right on the money as well! There's so much kydex to choose from these days it can be tough to make a decision..I made a good one! Thanks so much. - John H.

Just got back from a TDY and opened my DOS holster for my PPQ. I have to let you know that this is by far one of the best holsters I own (and I own quite a few) for the purpose of appendix carry. I am absolutely in love with this thing! Looking forward to placing an order soon for one for my G19. Thanks again for having an awesome company which makes amazing quality products and has legit customer service. That is hard to find nowadays and you have made a customer for life. - Jeremiah

I just wanted to tell you that I got my holster yesterday and all I can say is Wow. Awesome quality and the service was excellent! I will be going to the website and writing a review with all the good things to say about you and the company! I will never buy another holster elsewhere. Thank you again for replying to my emails and for being down to earth. Bravo Concealment is #1 in my book! - Brian

Your product arrived 2 weeks ago and I have been putting it through its paces. It has been dropped, thrown into a concrete wall, stepped on, rolled on, fallen on, and been through too many speed draw drills to easily count.  Your product is everything you advertise it to be and exactly what I asked for. If ever another Agent decides to upgrade his/her issued holster I will enthusiastically endorse your company as the manufacturer of choice. - John

i just received my holster yesterday and haven't taken it off since. At first it was a bit tight, which i can understand that it was freshly made kydex, and after the day of leaving it in the holster it loosened up enough for easy draw. I just wanted to say, i'm very impressed with the overall quality and i'm very satisfied with the product. I will definitely recommend you to anybody and i will be purchasing holsters from you guys in the future. Thank you for the great product and i look forward to doing business with you again! - Jake

Guys I just received my RTT combo for my G17 and love it. I do PPO work and the holster holds a combat size pistol close and tight enough to my body to easily conceal. I am referring all my PPO officers to you. Thanks for the great product. I will be ordering a G26 holster soon. You have earned a customer for life. Great doing business with Bravo Concealment. - Scott

I received my BCA holster on Saturday for my Glock 30s. I rushed right in and put it on. I wore it all day Saturday and Sunday. I'm pleased to let you know that it meets all my expectations and then some. This is a really great holster you guys are producing. If I had any complaint at all I'd say that the turn around time is excruciating but it turned out to be worth the wait. I do understand however that to maintain the highest quality it takes as long as it takes. I've contacted you guys a couple of times and the customer service response has been prompt and very helpful too. Great company! I'm certain I'll be doing more business in the future. - David

Hello. I just wanted to drop a line and let you all know how happy I am with my new holster. I just recently received my BCA Holster for my M&P 9c and I am extremely impressed by how well the holster wears, draws and retains. Its rare to get all three in one holster. Even more impressive is how an OWB holster can make a gun like the M&P disappear. - Shadi

Wanted to say thanks for a great holster. I ordered the Patriot holster for my Sig P229R and I'm truly impressed. The high level of craftsmanship is amazing, and attention to detail is beautiful. Unlike other companies, my holster was not "generic." Felt like the holster was specially made for my pistol. I received the holster really fast and I've been using it everyday. It's very comfortable and the draw is really smooth. Five out five stars. Keep up the good work and I will definitely order again from Bravo. - Trung

I just received my RTT and I am PLEASED! Thank you for your commitment to quality and customer care. I received your updates concerning my order and shipment, building up the anticipation and I was not disappointed. I have been unlucky with Kydex products in the past and I'm glad I took a buddies recommendations on your company and products. I've already passed you onto all my friends. - Forrest

I received my RTT holsters and double mag holder for my Glock 17. I am very impressed. I've been carrying my Glock 17 IWB with the loops I ordered and the double magazine carrier. I have to check myself, it feels like I'm not even carrying. Great products! - Tony

Just received my holsters and mag pouches a few days ago after a long wait. Spot on and everything an excellent fit. Definitely worth the wait. I'll recommend you to others. - Ben

Received my holster today and it draws like butter. In and out with ease and maintains great retention! The first time you sent it to me it was way too tight but  your customer service was superb and I was able to send it back no problem and the turnaround was great! The quality of this holster is just unbelievable! Expect more business! I'm telling all my friends and family! Thanks!!- Jonathan

I received my holster and magazine holster from you guys a few weeks ago. After running it at a few competitions, I'm in love with it! I watched my position move up a few points and have had a better overall draw speed and consistency. I have also made it my everyday carry holster. I have to say the quality of my holster is exquisite! Thank you for making such a great quality product. I will be purchasing Bravo products again. - Clayton

This not a question. Because today I received my 2 Bravo Holsters. ALL my questions have been answered ! It took a few weeks, however I am VERY Satisfied. I will be showing my New Bravo Concealment Holsters to All my Shooting Friends. I am a Happy Camper. Thanks! - Jay

I recently rush ordered a Patriot holster for my S&W M&P and I want to thank you for the fast shipment and the great holster. I'm very pleased with the build quality and the perfect balance between ease of draw and retention. I have some firearm purchases planed in the near future and I'll be sure return to Bravo Concealment for my holster needs. Thanks again!- Kevin

Just got my Smith and Wesson Shield Patriot holster today. I love it guys great product. Its light, its comfortable, and I can barely tell its on my waist. I will definitely be ordering another for my Glock 26! Thanks again guys! - Chris

To Whom May Concern,I am very impressed with your service. Your company constantly emailed and kept me posted on the status of my order.  As I mentioned on my previous email,  I wish that I did not order from your competitor (No, they are not your competitor anymore !!) Once again, thank you and I will return to place another order soon! - Anthony

Just wanted to let you know that I'm very very happy with my holster! I ordered a Quick Ship BCA  holster for my G-19, and it came in the mail really fast! I love the holster, very comfortable, and high quality kydex. I'm recommending you guys to my friends already! Great doing business with Bravo Concealment! - Christopher

I received the holster today and it is everything advertised. Very comfortable and supported the GLock 21 very well. This is now my every day carry weapon. I like this holster so much I will be ordering one for my GLock 19 Gen4. - Lou

I would like to let you guys know you did an awesome job on my order. The holster far exceeded my expectations. The fit and retention is perfect. I'd never thought a pistol this big with all the attachments would be concealable, but it is, thanks to your holster. I will be ordering from you guys again in the future. Your products are definitely worth the wait. Thanks for an excellent product. - Hai

Just wanted to thank you for the amazing DOS holsters. We received them today and although it was a long wait it was well worth it. The mag pouches are a great fit and my SR9c fits amazing. My girlfriend loves hers and her Shield basically disappears. Thank you again and we will be shopping with you in the future. - Kyle

Just got my Bravo Concealment! This thing is awesome. The craftsmanship far surpasses my expectations. Definitely professionally constructed. Fits the gun like it was made by Sig themselves.Your customer service is only outdone by your quality craftsmanship. Wow. Absolutely love this thing. Can't thank you guys enough! - Chad

IWB arrived this morning and I am impressed. I have purchased a couple others before buying your IWB and Bravo Concealment is by far the very best. I will be ordering more from you in the future, BTW it was well worth the wait! - Gene

I would like to take a moment to thank you for for an outstanding product. I ordered the Patriot Holster for my Glock 21 Gen4 with an Insight WX150 light and was just amazed at the fit, finish, and craftsmanship of your product. Absolutely the best holster I've ever had. I will definitely recommend your product to fellow shooters. Thank you once again!! - George E.

Holster came today. Couldn't wait to get home n try it out... Fits my G19 like a glove. Even with the XS big dot. I have worn it most of the day and it feels natural. Thank you for an awesome product! It was worth the wait! - Joe

 Just wanted to let you guys know how pleased I am with the RTT holster that I just received from your company. I've owned many kydex holsters from various manufacturers and the fit and finish on the Bravo holster is by far the best.  Your attention to detail does not go unnoticed.  Thank you for making quality products. - Dave C.

 I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for some outstanding customer service I received. I purchased a DOS holster this year, and unfortunately, I snapped a clip off while adjusting my belt last week. I called you literally right after it happened, and you went out of your way to immediately ship me some new hardware. Here I am two business days later, proudly carrying my Glock in my DOS again. From renowned quality, to rare customer service...Bravo Concealment clearly does it all. I'll be a customer for life, thanks again. - John

I received my first order and so far I love it. I do a good amount of movement firing drills(3-4 times a month) and have had no issues at all. The design fits comfortably using the OWB belt slides that came with it and the IWB clips and belt loops I ordered have rendered the holster(and gun too I guess hehe) very comfortable for concealed carry. I am really enjoying the holster so far and know that I will get a lot of use out of it as I train further and really put it through it's paces. The holster retention is great. I've done several drills that included forward shoulder rolls, and jumping up, onto, and over walls. The gun has been on my side through it all. Thanks for the great product and I am looking forward to experimenting with your new SNS-R within the next few months. Being a Marine Veteran, I put all of my gear through a lot of stress. Between just being active and the amount of shooting/training I quickly weed out the stuff that falls apart and just cant hack it. I've only completed maybe 1-2K draws from retention and this thing is going strong. I'm very appreciative of a solid product from a great company. - Aaron

Hi, I just received the holster I ordered for my Glock 21/Streamlight combo today. The quality is outstanding, thank you very much for such a great holster!! - Jesse

 I purchased your a light bearing holster from you folks back and received it in January of this year.  In that time I have worn it everyday both as EDC, Plain Clothes Work, and Special Event work for both of my L.E. jobs.  I will say this is far and beyond the best investment I have made for my weapon.  Thank you guys! - Darrel