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Today we start working with Bravo Concealment and I already tested the holsters during these days just for carry. I find it really comfortable and really good for work in concealment carry. Now I am going to try, this is the first time, that I am going to try this kind of holster on the range in live fire. 


Ok, now I am going to work “on shot” drill. 


That is a good condition. One mistake because I got a little, take an extra action, a little piece of my shirt and keep out a little bit on the side. This is the first part of the mag and this is the two rounds that I shoot to the small target. 


Q: “Holster is feeling good?” Zero: “Perfect” Q: “Do you identify any issues?” Zero: “Yeah, we have to try to have a relationship…you know?” Q: “This is the ‘dating’ phase” Zero: “Yeah. This is our first day together”


Q: “What’s going on now?” Zero: “Ok guys I am going to try to put a little bit more speed into my extraction. I need to refresh my side holster, mechanical memory. I need to find the correct element in my extraction.”


Point nine two at the head. I try to hit the head every time. Let’s see what we are going to do.


Point eight six in the middle of the head.  Point nine two five, head. Point nine two five up part of chest. Point sixty nine. Point sixty nine again.


Ok guys now I just worked with my mechanical memory for side holster. I shoot about three or four mags and now I try to be fast and accurate at target with Bravo Concealment and let’s see together, let’s try together. 


Point six sixty, head. Ok, guys, this is the first date. We are going to try the next days again. bravo Concealment Holsters, first day, day one, they worked very, very good. It’s really comfortable , it’s very, very good stuff. 


Point nine four on the chest.  Q: What was that you did?” Zero: “I try to make a reverse out with concealment carry so I  have to keep up my shirt, bring my gun, reverse and engage the target.”


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