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Joseph Kurtenbach from American Rifleman's Gun Gear of the Week gives his take on our IWB Tuck-able DOS Holster. 


Reliable retention from a minimalist design. I’m Joe Kurtenbauch and this is Lock Stock and Barrel.


Bravo Concealment is a company out of Texas with a great line-up of American made concealment holsters. I’ve personally used the company’s BCA and RTT outside the waistband holsters for carrying some of my personal firearms. I’ve always found the finish quality to be excellent and even though they are made in an open-top design, I found the security, the retention to be very, very good.


There are plenty of other Kydex holsters out there but I’ve gotta say, I’ve always been impressed with Bravo Concealment. So I was very excited when I heard they were offering an Inside the Waist Band option, particularly one designed for appendix carry.


DOS or Drop-Out of Sight IWB Holster follows Bravo Concealment’s recipe of a minimalist design. The hand molded Kydex gives full coverage from the trigger guard down to the muzzle. 2 clips are retained on each side by two Chicago style screws and rubber spacers. As you can see there are additional holes so you can adjust how the gun rides, how the cant is, really making this a little bit more comfortable for everyday wear.


One thing that I particularly like about the DOS is that it really doesn’t add much to the overall dimensions of the firearm. It is very slimmed and trimmed. 


So where does it get it’s name, Drop-Out of Sight? By vertically orienting it and sliding it directly into the waistband and engaging the 2 belt loops. You have a very close to the body holster that really helps conceal the overall profile of the handgun. This is again an unloaded Springfield XDM, and you can see that just by lifting one shirt up, It really conceals the entire profile very easily. 


So if you are ever in the market for an IWB holster or if you are trying to get into appendix carrying, you can get into a Bravo Concealment DOS Holster for about seventy dollars. So it’s not gonna break the bank. And you can be assured that the quality, fit and retention is gonna be top notch. 


For more, go to Bravo Concealment dot com.



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