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Many individuals have contacted us over the years seeking a tuck-able holster that will allow them to conceal carry their handgun in a more formal or business work environment. But due to dress code constraints they have a difficult time finding a holster that will offer proper function and concealment they seek.

While there are many reasons to consider a tuck-able concealed carry holster besides a restrictive dress code. Another reason is the element of surprise, which you know can mean the difference between life and death. Most petty criminals lack the knowledge and experience to spot a responsible citizen that is conceal carrying. They do not see the exposed belt clips nor understand that a tuck-able holster does not need loose hanging garments to be concealed properly.

If your work environment does not allow the loose shirt concealment fashion then going tuck-able with your EDC is one of the best options to carry. That is why we are glad to offer the best deep concealment holster that will help you keep the element of surprise. Get your pistol holder and conceal carry in full confidence with a Bravo Concealment DOS holster.


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