Think Before Running An Optic On a Handgun

This is one of those videos that is going to light things up. Glock 19 and Trijicon RMR are two things that, as of late just seem to go hand in hand. However, there are some things you should really think about before you commit funds to this end. The subject matter is covered well in this video so I'll let it do the talking. One issue that was not covered was the fact that if you pour ammo trough your Glock and go back and check your zero you'll find that it has shifted a bit. This may seem like a small issue to some but you must consider the consequences of a thrown round. You could be the guy who drops the active killer with your four well placed shots. That is until you realize that the last shot you took was off center a bit and you inadvertently hit a child in the face who was downrange of your position. What will you be remembered for...?

Not running an optic on my handgun has been a choice that I've made after tens of thousands of rounds fired in focused training. Handguns are last ditch weapons and any changes to their makeup should truly be considered at length.


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