A Handgun Training Session With Tier 1 Citizen

I remember many yers ago talking with a friend who told me “I really like handgun training classes better than rifle classes.” My response to that comment was one of incredulity because I was so rifle focused back then. I then asked him why he liked handgun classes so much, his response took me several years to understand, literally several years. He said “I prefer handgun training because it’s the weapon that I always have on me, and it’s such a challenging weapon to master.” Back then I was a cop and for me a handgun was like a pen, it was just something I was required to have on me. Literally I was required to always have my issued sidearm with me, no matter where I went. Because of that I didn’t see the value of being an armed citizen.

Jump forward a few years and now I’m out of law enforcement. The same friend asked me, “so how does it feel to be John Q Public?” I thought about it for a moment and said “pretty darned good.” At that point it was early in 2012 and I had been out of LE for about six months. I was making well over double what I did as a cop, I had total control over my schedule, and was even being paid to attend firearms training classes. It was then that I realized why handgun proficiency is so important. No longer did I have the legal covering of my police shield to back me, no longer did I have the ability to go anywhere I wanted with a firearm, and not worry about someone identifying that bump under my clothes. Now I had to truly disappear in a crowd of people while being armed as clandestinely as possible. It was then that I came to realize why the handgun truly is, and always will be the Tier 1 Citizen’s greatest weapon.

Handgun is a level of difficult that must be understood. You must come to grips with the fact that you will never master the handgun. Nope, you will spend a lifetime working towards reaching and maintaining proficiency. That is all you can hope for.

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