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A Rather Lengthy Range Rant That Covers Things You May Not Know You Don't Know

How about that for a cryptic video title? Yes, that was on purpose. Occasionally I pull out topics that haven't been addressed in a while and go over them again. Why? Because we are adding hundreds of thousands of gun owners to our ranks every month. Also, because I spend so much time in the training industry, I know, and I don't believe, that many citizens are walking around with firearms they don't fully understand how to use. The bigger issue is that many of them have no idea what they don't know. That's why the video's title is what it is. Buckle up and press the play button!

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  • Very Well done. l learng some interesting information. Good show.

    Ray Webb Nov 24, 2022
  • I am a CHL Instructor in Ohio
    I try to never stop learning and training. Your long video was fantastic. It covered many topics that are good knowledge to practice
    Keep them coming

    Terry Nov 25, 2022

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