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Abner Miranda: Bravo Concealment DOS

Abner Miranda has made the switch to appendix inside the waistband carry, AIWB. Here is why he chose the DOS for his daily carry. 



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DOS Holster by Bravo Concealment



Abner Miranda – Bravo Concealment DOS - January 16, 2017. Hey guys Abner Miranda here. Today I wanted to talk with you about the Bravo Concealment Drop Out of Sight holster that I have been using for about a month or so. I tried appendix carry a while back. Didn’t care for it. For those of you who have been watching my YouTube channel for a while, know that I, and you can tell by just looking at me that, that I’ve dropped considerable weight. Honestly I don’t know how much weight I’ve dropped, because I am not doing the whole weighing in thing any more, I’m just diet modifying and exercising. I got the point with some damage to my knee from being a police officer that was finally catching up with me. And at 44 it gave me a wakeup call. Actually, I’ll tell you when it happen, it was 4th of July 2016. It gave me a wakeup call. It is January whatever, it’s a couple of days before SHOT SHOW, January 2017. So, since July 4th up until now, I have been focusing on getting weight off. And I can finally now, get into... first of all, I’m 3 sizes down from what I used to be on my pants, and I can finally get into a Drop Out of Sight holster, and it is so great because. And it was so timely because what I found was.. there were a couple of classes that I did late last year. One of them was with handgun combative Dave Spalding, and the other was with Richard Nance of Wartac CQC. Both of those classes are very close quarter. Its known as fighting in the hole. It’s a double arms length.

At those two classes that I was telling you about, the guys that wore appendix carry absolutely flew through the drills. Most especially in the Wartac CQC class which was CQP, close quarter pistol. Rich Nance was showing us that, and I don’t really know if he was intentionally showing us, but he was wearing appendix carry at the class. And when you’re compressed in protecting your head, because the boys are coming in from here, right here this is the shooting stance, let me back up so you can clearly see it… someone gets up on you, and you can compress in on yourself and you can still get to your gun and from here I can already start shooting at this guy. Yeah these are crotch hits, these are lower leg hits. But one of the things I can tell you, as a guy who’s caught a chunk of a round in his hand, bone hits hurt like crazy! I instantly knew I’d been hit. So anyone who says to you “Yea well they aren’t going to feel it when they are getting shot”. You hit someone in the bones, they are going to feel it. That class watching the groups of guys that are running appendix carry going through the drills far more efficiency than those of us who wearing here, was that great big “Ah-ha” moment for me. And one of the things that Rich showed us was that if you do this, bad guys who know what they are doing will hook up your arm right here and they will pull your arm off and they’ve just take you out of the loop and now your right back to the beginning and you have to start all over again.

So that was.. I was done. It was time to go appendix carry. I reached out to Bravo Concealment and they sent me the Drop Out of Sight. I have been running it now for.. I don’t know just a little over a month. And haven’t had any problems with it whatsoever. The simplicity with which I’m able to move now is so nice, because of this holster. This holster has transformed how I carry and what I carry. The draw stroke that I wanted to show you guys today, I heard, because when you start getting into something new you go all over the place. And you start looking, and reading and researching and watching. And a lot of guys are showing that the draw stroke is center line, shirt comes up, pistol comes out. What I found at both Dave Spalding’s class and Richard Nance’s class is that the guys that were doing that were sometimes doing this; they were getting hung up in their shirt. There’s another mind set that it’s.. that the support hand comes down grabs the garment, I don’t know if the camera caught it but, the last little piece of this ends up over your grip and you can end up doing this. Shirt comes up, and it’s really high up and you are able to draw here and your support hand is completely out of the way. From here, you can draw right away. I’m pulling this way with the shirt as opposed to this way, as oppose to this way. And by the way, I forgot to tell you earlier, this... you are asking to pop yourself on the nose, if you are doing this. Drawing by doing this makes a big difference. As oppose to doing this, and getting hung up in your shirt.. And the last point I want to leave you guys with is: Load when you want to, not when you have to. I picked that up from Dave Spalding. I’ve picked that up from Rich Nance. Load when you want to, not when you have to.

One of the things that Dave Spalding teaches is, and this is very controversial to a lot of people, is from here he teaches dropping the mag that still gots rounds in it, dropping it on the deck… I’m not gonna drop it because its muddy down here. Grabbing your next round, your next mag and getting it in the gun. And some people will go.. what kind of crack was that? Well that’s a lot faster than doing this… because remember I have to retain this mag. He’s talking about dropping the mag, getting your weapon up and then if you feel like it, you can bend over and pick up your mag. Honestly guys, I’m fifth on one; half dozen on the other, I’m gonna say he’s right. I’m not gonna say he’s wrong but the fact that he’s Dave Spalding and I’m not, ‘otta tell you that you should at least think about it. I cannot tell you enough good things about the Drop Out of Sight holster. I love it. If you’ve ever thought about going appendix carry, yeah you really should; it does make a big difference. That’s what I got for you guys today, as always I thank you all for watching. God bless you all. Get those guns out and practice.

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