Adjusting Your Carry Options for Cold Weather

With it finally getting colder I've chosen to go to outside the waistband carry with a BCA OWB Kydex Gun Holster for the winter. My G19 fits into it with a solid click that lets me know that the gun is fully parked in place. The paddle extensions make for a solid carry option that is very versatile. It bears noting that the same paddles can be applied to the magazine carrier, so keep that in mind. The use OWB holsters is actually a faster about getting you on the gun than IWB carry options. It does bear noting that OWB is not as secure as IWB carry, however, it is not an "unsafe" option by any means. No matter what your carry option is, you must practice, practice, practice.

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~Abner Miranda 

Is a former Police Officer, an FBI trained Hostage Negotiator, a First Responder, and Spanish Interpreter. He is currently a Firearms Instructor, an Armorer, and a regular contributor to our industry of both written and digital media.

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