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The Best In Concealed Carry Clothing

Best concealed carry clothing cover

One of the challenges of concealed carry lies in that little word "concealed." Keeping a low profile while also being prepared to defend yourself should the need arise involves putting thought not only into the type of gun you choose but also the clothes you wear. While you do not have to change your style completely to achieve concealed carry success, there are some considerations you should make. In fact, with a little thought, you can successfully conceal your weapon in almost any type of clothing, from tight clothes to dresses, leggings to running shorts. Here is a look at the best in concealed carry clothing, for every situation.

Concealed carry clothing

Essential Features For Every Type Of Clothing


Whether you are dressing up for a company meeting or dressing down for a day out with the family, you can carry your weapon discreetly without sacrificing your style. Here are a few features to look for in your shirts, whether you are opting for a professional blouse, a casual T-shirt, or even a tank top.

Holster Pockets

Some women's shirts have holster pockets, specially-designed pockets that hold your weapon close to your body. They also position the butt of the weapon in a way ideal for drawing. However, these pockets, which most often come on undershirts, tend to hold the gun higher up on the torso and may not provide the same security as a regular holster. If you choose to wear a shirt with this feature, make sure it fits snugly against your body and does not shift throughout the day so that your weapon is always ready to draw and where you expect it to be.

Breathable and Loose-Fitting Materials

Wearing a gun all day can get hot, especially in the heat of a Texas summer. Breathable, and loose-fitting materials can help wick moisture away from the body and prevent printing of the gun on your shirts. Polo shirts and blouses are particularly good for finding stylish options that fit comfortably over your gun and holster.

Adjustable Straps

Some shirts, such as blouses or tank tops, come with adjustable straps. This feature can be particularly useful for fitting your shirt to your preferred style of holster.

Reinforced Stitching

Shirts that have reinforced stitching along areas such as the waist can more easily carry the weight of the gun and holster for greater comfort and less stretching of the shirt.


Jackets can add an extra layer of concealment that can make it easier to carry your weapon. Show off your preferred jacket style and successfully conceal your weapon by choosing the right features in your jacket. Here are some of the features that you can use across styles to make it more comfortable and discreet to carry your weapon.


Breathable, lightweight jackets can play an important role in layering your clothing to achieve a more discreet look. For this purpose, shell jackets, denim jackets, and parkas or trench coats usually work well.

Adjustable Closures

Many jackets across styles boast adjustable closures that allow you to choose how loose or form-fitting the jacket is. Jackets that include this feature can help you to create the right level of concealment to account for different holsters and weapons.


If you choose to place your weapon on your belt, you need one that has the strength and security necessary to hold your gun discreetly in place even if you wear it all day. Here are some features to look for in a concealed carry belt.

Reinforced Stitching

Reinforced stitching provides belts with extra strength to hold the holster and weapon securely all day.

Secure Buckles

If your belt moves or becomes unlatched during the day, your holster and gun will follow suit. Avoid potentially embarrassing, and dangerous, situations, by purchasing belts that boast sturdy buckles and a secure fit.

Adjustable Sizing

As with jackets, the ability to adjust the size and fit can be extremely helpful for concealed carry. Choose belts that offer adjustable sizing so you can choose how to wear the belt in order to secure your holster and weapon out of sight.


Suits are often essential outfits for events and workplace success. Here are some features to look for in suits that are best for concealed carry comfort and invisibility.

Reinforced Stitching

As with shirts and belts, choosing suits that have reinforced stitching along the waist inner pockets are built to handle the weight of the holster and firearm. These suits can prevent unsightly sagging and stretching.

Adjustable Waistbands

The pants for your suit should be adjustable. This feature is essential for both achieving a comfortable fit and for holding the holster comfortable and discreetly against your waist.

Lined Jackets

Smooth linings inside the jacket, such as those lined with silk, create an extra layer of invisibility against your body. Plus, the smooth texture can make your draw faster and less likely to snag.

Tailored Fits

While a tailored fit may seem counterintuitive, a suit that is sewn to your body's specifications can actually leave breathing room around the waist to accommodate your holster and firearm. That can create an attractive look that also enables you to conceal your weapon with less printing.

Concealed carry options for women

Best Women's Concealed Carry Clothing

Women's clothing tends to be more form-fitting than men's, presenting a slightly larger obstacle to successful concealed carry. However, never fear - You can wear feminine clothing without significant printing on your clothing. You just need to choose the right features in your clothes. Here is a look at women-specific articles of clothing that can be adapted to your concealed carry needs.


When it comes to women's fashion, leggings are currently ruling. Here are some tips for the best in concealed carry when it comes to leggings:
  • Reinforced waistband to support the holster and firearm without sagging
  • Compression fabric that creates a comfortable fit that does not print on the leggings
  • Flat seams to create a streamlined appearance that hides printing
  • High-rise designs that prevent your weapon from peeking out from your leggings and your shirt


An indispensable accessory for many women, a purse can also serve as a clever concealed carry tool. Here are some of the features to look for in purses that are the best in concealed carry.
  • Dedicated concealment options, including a firearm compartment, zipper or hook and loop closure, and other features that help keep your weapon both secure and accessible.
  • Reinforced straps and handles that allow the purse to carry the weight of your firearm and holster throughout the day
  • Slash-resistant construction out of materials such as reinforced fabric or metal mesh to prevent theft of your purse, and your weapon.


Yes, you can dress to impress and carry your weapon discreetly. Look for a dress that has the style you love and these features to make them some of the best in concealed carry.
  • Comfortable fabrics that are both breathable and flexible enough to cover your firearm without printing
  • Hidden pockets where you can securely place your weapon
  • Adjustable fits that allow you to accommodate your style, your body, and your weapon

Running Clothes For Concealed Carry

Many individuals have found themselves to be victims while out running. You can protect yourself and run comfortably with running clothes that have these features.

Moisture-Wicking Fabric

This type of fabric moves moisture away from the skin, reducing chafing and irritation even when running with a holster and firearm.

Compression Fit

Running clothes that have a compression fit hold your firearm securely to your body to reduce movement while you run.

Tight Clothes For Concealed Carry

Tight clothes are not usually a good choice for concealed carry, thanks to the likelihood of printing on the clothing. However, here are some features, similar to those described above, that can help you wear tighter clothes without giving away the presence of a weapon on your hip.

  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Concealed storage options
  • Flat seams
  • Adjustable fits
  • Compression fit
  • Stretchy materials
Concealed carry holster

Holsters For Concealed Carry

To accompany the best in concealed carry clothing, you need a holster that works with your clothing, like those at Bravo Concealment. Rugged, durable, comfortable and designed to tuck closer to your waist, these are the ultimate in concealed carry. Visit our website and discover special sales and incredible quality that go with any outfit.

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