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Carrying A Gun While Driving


Whether you're talking about inside the waistband or outside the waistband, side carry or appendix carry, no matter how you slice it, driving with a gun is no fun. In this video we take a look at some of the realities that go into living and driving while packing heat. I have chosen to carry my gun in a Bravo Concealment Holster. The Drop Out of Sight Torsion is a versatile holster that affords me enough comfort when driving to actually wear my gun. I know that statement sounds odd but many of us don't wear our guns because our mode of concealment is less than bearable from a comfort standpoint.


Tier 1 Citizen exclusively uses Bravo Concealment Holsters. There is no substitute for excellence.


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~Abner Miranda 

Is a former Police Officer, an FBI trained Hostage Negotiator, a First Responder, and Spanish Interpreter. He is currently a Firearms Instructor, an Armorer, and a regular contributor to our industry of both written and digital media.

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