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Abner Miranda: Don't Throw Away Training Time On An Untried Set Up

Very recently I sat down and tallied up the costs the go along with attending a professional training class. I was shocked to find that it was somewhere around $2,600. Yeah, that's a lot of money that could potentially be lost if you go to a class with an experimental set up. What I'm referring to is attending training with a weapon(s) or set up(s) that you have not spent a fair amount of time working all the kinks out of. As a magazine writer I used to attend classes with whatever I happen to be testing at the time. Pants, shirts, shoes, belts, holsters, weapons, lights, optics, etc. I was just one big failure point waiting to happen - and yeah, sometimes it did. I stopped all of that and started attending training with my personal weapons and set ups and my life became so much more enjoyable when I did.

I adjure you, make sure that your ring out your stuff before coming to training. Also, if it has screw in it, put Loctite on it. Thus endeth the lesson.

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