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Glock 27: Everything You Need To Know

Glock 27 cover

Quick: Name a handgun brand. If Glock comes to mind, you are in good company. Long synonymous with reliability, durability, and performance, it has earned a revered place in law enforcement and EDC lineups alike. And there are a lot of Glocks to love! However, today, I want to focus on one of the most cherished concealed carry Glocks around - The Glock 27.

Glock 27

The Glock 27 Specs: A Compact Powerhouse

One look at the specs of the Glock 27, and you will see why it is a preferred EDC weapon. Compact but built to shoot, it carries a considerable punch, thanks to its .40 S&W caliber. Take note as you read of the small stature and oversized abilities within this subcompact.

Property Measurement
Overall Length 6.49 in.
Overall Height 4.17 in.
Standard Capacity 9
Barrel Length 3.43 in.
Weight (Empty) 22.34 oz.

Glock 27 with holster

Lightweight Reliability

If you can feel your gun getting heavy as the day progresses, you may be doing concealed carry wrong. One of the reasons the Glock 27 is popular among EDC weapons is the fact that it is a lightweight powerhouse that also boasts impressive reliability.

Crafted from a polymer frame, the Glock 27 is easy to handle, even for users with strength and hand grip issues. But, it is also ready to withstand the toughness of everyday carry and the passage of thousands of rounds through its chamber. It can stand by your side without being a pain in your side.

On-Target Design

The best way to hit your mark every time? Practice, practice, practice. The second best way? To snag a handgun that has built-in features to make shooting more accurate. For that, the Glock 27 is your weapon.

First up, this pistol features Glock’s signature Safe Action System, which creates a reliable trigger pull and 3 passive safeties.

In addition, this little gem comes with fixed sights and the ability to take on aftermarket sights and other accessories to suit your preferred shooting style.

Glock 27

Perfect Performance

If you have been in the world of EDC for long, you know that the smallest guns can sometimes carry the worst recoil, thanks to their lighter weight. Not the Glock 27. Thanks to its heavy slide, the recoil is minimized, allowing for more rapid firing in high-intensity situations.

The light recoil is just one feature that contributes to the Glock 27's impressive accuracy. This weapon can hit accurately from as far as 50 yards, thanks in part to its impeccable balance and almost nonexistent muzzle rise upon firing.

Designed to function flawlessly in even extreme circumstances, this Glock 27 is unlikely to malfunction due to extreme temperatures, dust, or moisture. This reliability is part of the reason this weapon has been so unfailingly preferred for law enforcement use, and for civilians who take self-defense seriously.

Easy Maintenance

The Glock 27 is a spectacular choice for new EDC carriers in part because of its simplicity of maintenance. Its modular design makes disassembly and cleaning pretty straightforward. That means that even if you are just learning how to care for your weapon, you should be able to guarantee its reliability over time by keeping it regularly maintained and cleaned. Some tasks to undertake regularly include

  • At least monthly cleaning and lubrication
  • Periodic inspections by an expert
  • Field-stripping with every cleaning

Your Glock user's manual will outline the maintenance, lubricant and other details you will need to keep your weapon performing flawlessly over time. What you can know for sure is that these tasks will not be difficult to carry out, allowing you to get the maximum lifespan out of your weapon.

Glock 27

Suboptimal Ergonomics

One caveat with the Glock 27 is the fact that how it feels in the hand is less than ideal. The main drawback of the ergonomics is the short grip, which can make it difficult for most individuals to fit their pinky all the way on the grip. In addition, its thickness in the hand makes it feel bulky. These less than optimal ergonomic features can lead to a less comfortable grip and firing experience. If you find that your Glock 27 is not as comfortable to handle as you had hoped, however, you could consider investing in an extended magazine or a magazine floorplate to give yourself extra grip and gain that confidence in shooting that will have you hitting your target reliably.

When it comes to concealed carry, the Glock 27 is a compact powerhouse that is a smart choice if you want comfortable, reliable, and undeniable firepower at your fingertips. Created for lightweight durability, manageable recoil and on-target ammo delivery, it is well-situated to meet your self-defense needs. Plus, many accessories make it easy to personalize this weapon to your specific preferences. What do you love (or hate) about the Glock 27? We would love to hear from you!

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