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Handgun Size Variations Matter

When you make even a seemingly small change to your blaster, holster, or clothing set up you will most likely have to get back out on the range and put some work in. In changing over from my Glock 19 to my Glock 17 I've thrown myself for a loop. I made the switch because I had literally run out of enough gun to hang onto. Once I committed to charing over I knew that I'd just sent myself right back to square one - literally! Everything from loading, to acquiring a solid grip at the holster has now changed. The first few days I kept stumbling over myself and wondering what was going on. "I know I'm better than this" I'd say to myself. Finally, after three weeks of this I'm beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Now I can bring the gun up with a solid grip and acquire my shot.

It bears noting that while dry fire practice is all the rage right now, live fire can not be replaced. Dry fire is only good for acquiring that first sight picture. After that initial shot you have to be prepared to find your front sight post again and track your position relative to where the target is. Even when shooting at a static target it can surprise you how far off you can find yourself on your follow up shots if you haven't put in the live fire practice. Get to work y'all.

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Abner Miranda

Is a former Police Officer, an FBI trained Hostage Negotiator, a First Responder, and Spanish Interpreter. He is currently a Firearms Instructor, an Armorer, and a regular contributor to our industry of both written and digital media.

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