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Instructor Zero - Triple Dry Reload Drill

Instructor Zero reminds us how important it is to practice your reloads over and over. Watch the video below and see how Zero uses his Bravo Concealment holsters to practice and make his reloads effortless.


  • G21 and FN 5.7 w/ and w/o light bearing holsters

    Road Glide
  • Cool drill. Does that ported Glock slow your followup? I can see a heavy plume in the video. I have been doing dry fire reloads, like this. I’m watching for zero movement in my sight picture and speed in my mag change. My current slide release is not aggressive enough to rely on under stress so I’m racking the slide like you. Getting fast, and my last trip to the range showed significant improvement in reloads and accuracy.

  • When are you going to make the “good” (light bearing) holsters for Glock 20’s and 21’s? And stop making everything for Glock 19’s 23’s and 32’s. There are other Glocks!


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