Match Performance Series 10-8 Pistol Standards String #12

Match Performance Series 10-8 Pistol Standards String #12 By Mitch Barlow

In 2009, after having been around firearms most of my life, I decided to start carrying a concealed pistol full time. After getting a permit and seeking out formal training, I was totally hooked on shooting and had a strong desire to develop my skill set. It didn't take long to discover competitive shooting sports and become a regular at the local IDPA and weekly Steel shoots. Since 2010, I have been actively practicing, training, and competeing in a wide variety of venues. I currently compete in USPSA and am very close to achieving a Master classfication in Limited Division. Aside from competitive shooting, I am also a Federal Law Enforcement officer working full time.

Mitch Barlow brings you a variety of great exercises/drills to hone your shooting skills. See below, practice and let us know if you want to see more videos in the future.



Hey what’s going on guys? Its Mitch with Bravo Concealment out here at the range today Coyote Arms, Edinburg, TX. Doing a little bit of pistol shooting. What we are running today, we got a Glock 35 this is a Taran tactical. We are using Bravo Concealment holsters. This is an RTT holster. Running our Taran Tactical Extended Mags out of a RTT Mag Pouch. 

Alright guys that was a 378. 378. We’ll set up and run it again. Alright guys we still made the part time, that’s a 441 one of the reloads flubbed it up a little bit. But you can see, as long as you keep after it, you’re gonna... you’re going to make the time.

Alright guys, you got James out on the range with us. What are you running there James?

I’m actually running the Strike One Speed. Just something a little different. I like unique stuff, so. I got Bravo Concealment to make me a holster for it. It’s hard kinda’ hard to find holsters for it. So they made one of their RTT holsters. And then I’m running an extra mag pouch back here. RTT mag pouch and then an eggroll as a second mag pouch.

Alright there you go man, 494. That’s about as close as you can get up to that five second part time.

Alright, there you go James second run. Five flat. The first time I thought you couldn’t get any more close to the five second part time. You just proved us wrong.

I pulled one, so.

And here’s the hits that we got so far off of our runs. James threw one Charlie and mine were all in the A zone, so.


Alright guys, that felt a little rough. It didn’t feel smooth. I still made the part time 473. I had one shot go high out of the A zone. It looks like its touching the line from here. So, we’ll set it up again.

Alright guys, it was just over 505 it still didn’t feel very good to me. So I think the pressure of knowing that 5 seconds is about to ring off, I’m trying to get the rounds off. I’m trying to get the reloads done and the pressure is, it is putting pressure on me. Which is a good thing, shooting under pressure. So I.. 

Alright, James is running around 622. The time is stiff. It’s hard to make that time. You definitely gotta get the rounds off quick. Your reloads have to be perfect. You have to be quick out of the holster. How’s your accuracy look? It looks good. Alphas. Alright James shot all alphas, but is over the time.

Alright guys, I took a little more care with my sight picture of my trigger press. I made the time limit for 475. We’ll go look at the target. I can tell you from the sights that it was good. So we’ll see what we got. Yeah we got three in the A zone, they’re a hair to the right.

Alright bro, you had a time of 528. I’ll go look at the hits. What you see on the sights?

One of them was definitely good A, and yeah I didn’t see.. this one I didn’t really see really well. I saw this one left and that one I felt really good about.

Yeah, that’s pretty good and it’s just a hair over the time limit and you threw one Charlie.


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