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Sig Sauer P320 vs. Glock 19: The Ultimate Handgun Showdown

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If we had to choose a GOAT in handguns, the Sig Sauer P320 and the Glock 19 would lead the list. Revered for their reliability, performance, and versatility, they are the models you turn to when you want a weapon that works. 

Choosing the ultimate champion of handguns, however, is a little bit difficult. These two handguns are so close in features and performance that choosing just one can be a little daunting. So let's dig a little deeper. How do these two line up against each other? 

Sig P320 Vs. Glock 19 - Distinguishing Features

Both the Sig P320 and the Glock 19 have their own group of devoted supporters because of certain features that are simply unmatched in other handguns. Let's look at what makes these handguns stand out from the competition. 


Sig P320: Modular Innovation

When it comes to versatility, the Sig Sauer P320 is just plain unbeatable. It first made a splash in the handgun world because of its groundbreaking modular design with an interchangeable grip module. Today, it is the military's handgun of choice and is in demand by police forces around the country. 

What does its modular design mean for the average gun handler? Endless options. This striker-fired pistol with polymer frame uses a fire control unit (FCU) as the main body of the gun. This FCU is modular, meaning that you can remove it and place it on a wide range of frames and slides. In addition, you can use the grip module to change the grip of the weapon to suit your hand size and preferences. 

This versatility allows you to turn the P320 into almost any type of gun you desire, and makes this weapon suitable for a wide variety of EDC enthusiasts You can even change the caliber of this handgun, or convert into a full size, compact, or subcompact configuration. With that kind of versatility, it is easy to see why the P320 is one of the leading handguns in the nation, among professionals and EDC enthusiasts alike. 

Glock 19

Glock 19: Reliability Defined

The Glock 19 may not have the versatility of design that defines the Sig Sauer P320, but it has something else to offer - Reliability. Just place a picture of this beloved handgun in the dictionary because it so perfectly encapsulates what reliability is all about.

A staple of the handgun community, Glock in all its forms has long been cherished by law enforcement personnel and self-defense proponents because of the brand’s reliable performance. The Glock 19 inherits and builds upon this legacy with a no-frills design focused on exceptional performance. It boasts a clean, crisp trigger built for optimal performance. As a striker pistol, it does not have an external hammer that could get in the way. And its internal build is focused on simplicity and quality, minimizing the moving parts that could break while maximizing the durability of the parts that are included. 

This practical design and high quality construction mean that this handgun virtually never malfunctions, even after shooting tens of thousands of rounds. No wonder it is a preferred choice among law enforcement and competitive shooters alike. When things get intense, you need to know your handgun will do its job, and the Glock 19 does, every time. 

The Showdown: Features and Performance

If you set aside their unique features, however, how do the Sig Sauer P320 and Glock 19 compare in the world of standard features and performance? Here is a look at four critical areas and how each performs. 


You'll never be uncomfortable using either the P320 or the Glock 19. The P320's modular grip system gives you almost unlimited access to the grip of your choice. That means you can enjoy this handgun's performance and features while making sure it fits seamlessly into your hand.

However, the Glock 19, while not as customizable in grip as the P320, enjoys a reputation for carefully integrated ergonomics. For example, the grip is designed to fit into the natural slope of the hand that improves your control over the gun. A textured surface eliminates slips, and two different backstraps allow you to adjust the weapon to your preferences.

Whether you invest in the P320 or the Glock 19, chances are that you will enjoy a weapon that fits comfortably in your hand, minimizing fatigue and maximizing control for the best possible shooting experience. 


Striker-fired pistols such as the P320 and the Glock 19 do not always have the best trigger pulls. However, both of these handgun gems are thoughtfully designed with crisp, clean, easy triggers that deliver a refined and rewarding experience.

In particular, the P320 trigger is often praised for its short reset and crisp, punchy release. Coming in at about 6 pounds, the trigger pull is definitely manageable. And, as one of the few weapons out there with a flat-faced trigger instead of a curved trigger as standard, the P320 also allows for more rapid shooting. 

The Glock 19 has a similarly-weighted trigger pull. While the trigger in the Glock 19 has not been as intentionally crafted for a crisp and easy pull, it also has a reputation for being easy to use. If you had to choose, the P320 trigger would probably win, due to its refinement and smoothness, but you should try them both for yourself. 


Neither of these handguns would be as popular as they are if they did not reliably perform under a wide range of circumstances. However, as mentioned above, when it comes to reliability, the Glock 19 stands out, thanks to its simple design, easy to use trigger, sleek build. 

Aftermarket Support

Once you purchase your handgun of choice, how much can you actually do with it? Are you stuck with the gun as is, or can you make upgrades, modifications, and adjustments along the way? The latter is called aftermarket support, and if you want a concealed carry weapon that can flex with your life changes over the years, you need a handgun that has strong aftermarket support. 

When comparing the P320 vs. the Glock 19, the P320 is the most customizable, but the Glock is hard to beat in terms of aftermarket support. Perhaps because of its popularity, shooters have access to many different accessories and upgrades that allow you to create a Glock 19 that works for your lifestyle (And that can change as your lifestyle changes). 

So which one should you choose? Ultimately, the right concealed carry handgun is the one that feels best in your hand and empowers you to perform at your best. However, you can never go wrong with the Sig Sauer P320 and the Glock 19. Both are carefully crafted as reliable companions along the EDC way. Let us know which one you prefer!

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