Stop Training With Crappy Gear

In the last several months I have attended a total of four classes where I have consistently run into people using garbage gear. It's amazing how fast our industry has taken a nose dive into the dark ages again. It's like we're right back into the 90s and early 2000s again. Guys listen to what I'm saying here. I have been there and done that and even helped design some of "that." The things I'm seeing in the training environment are so embarrassingly bad that it shocks me. People show up to classes with firearms completely decked out with so much Chineseium garbage that it's painful to watch. The most recent was at a class where the guy that stood beside me kept zapping the floor with his bazillion lumen light and kept stealing my night vision away from me. I finally got so tired of it that I asked him to stop doing it and his response was a combination of embarrassment, disgust, and anger as he said "I can't help it is teal cap is really sensitive." He said that as if that was a valid excuse.

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