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The Finer Points Of Shooting While On The Move

Shooting on the move is one of those tactical band camps things that people do when they train out doors because it feels cool. Unfortunately it's about as realistic as wearing tactical gear to your job as an accountant. Now lest I offend the accountants I'd better clarify that point. I've trained with some seriously squared away accountants over the years. However, upon opening dialogue with them they admitted that wearing tactical during training sort of defeats the purpose of training for "real life." I don't think I need to clarify that any further.

Moving and shooting are two separate things. You seldom are going to be able to do the latter while efficiently doing the former. "You are either running or your are shooting, pick one!" Those are the words of some of the finer instructors I've had the privilege to train with. I used to think I could do both because after all I am Abner! Then reality hit me and I came to the stark realization that I couldn't do both. That's ok because in learning that very important truth I now know some of what I didn't't know, I didn't know. That is what is known as learning.

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  • Thanks for the video. I am a subscriber to Tier1Citizen and enjoy his videos. I am not able to get out and train/shoot as much as I would like so watching Mr. Miranda’s videos are the next best thing!

    Larry Eiseman Mar 23, 2023

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