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The Focused Concealed Carry Setup

It's no surprise that there is so much out there in the way of "extras" for your Glock. I say Glock because the Glock 19 is a staple for my EDC set up, as is the case for anyone who takes self defense seriously. Glocks are the AK-47's of the handgun world. What I also find interesting is that we're told that if you don't have a threaded barrel, a Trijicon RMR, Aimpoint ACRO, a tactical light, a muzzle break, and a machined slide, you somehow are not going to be as accurate with your weapon as you could be. That is just not true. The fact is that the most accurate people I've ever seen are those with training scarred pistols that have considerable holster wear. Those guns and their operators are a deadly combination. Skill is more than just desire, and the accumulation of things. It's an accumulation of training experiences. What you need is a Glock 19, a bunch of ammo, a Bravo Concealment Holster, and a range that allows you to move around with your blaster and simulate combat shooting. Everything else is just hype. Train like you mean it.

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Abner Miranda

Is a former Police Officer, an FBI trained Hostage Negotiator, a First Responder, and Spanish Interpreter. He is currently a Firearms Instructor, an Armorer, and a regular contributor to our industry of both written and digital media.  

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