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The Myth of the Trigger Press

Over the years I’ve trained with a lot of different folks who teach a lot of different techniques regarding trigger press. But it wasn’t until I started training with bullseye shooters that I realized, I had it all wrong. It’s been commonly taught for years that the pad of your finger is the best way to achieve a good trigger press, but I found that to not be the case at all.
Let’s think about this, using the pad of your finger will over time develop an inconsistent trigger press, let me explain further. All triggers have a bit of side-to-side play in them, when they are fitted from the factory, some more that others but regardless how expensive your gun is, the play is there.
So, we must take that away, and how we do that is simple:
Sink more finger on the trigger.
By going the first “crease” of your finger it will essentially “trap” the trigger and isolate it from being able to move side-to-side, only front to back. By utilizing this technique, it will take those stray shots that are slightly off center and put them back on the center line if correctly applied.
I’ve always been a good shooter, but upon trying this technique - it took my shooting to the next level, and I’ve continued to teach that method for several years now. My students can see an immediate difference in there shooting once applying this method. I encourage everyone to try this, especially you guys that are constantly having a good group that’s a bit off center, this will move your groups back to the center line and help you get more consistent results in your shooting.
Never be afraid to try something new!

Daniel Richardson, is one of the Premier firearms trainers in NC, he specializes in Defensive Marksmanship training. He teaches performance based training programs, that move at the pace of each individual student to allow faster forms of learning to occur. Daniel has trained military, law enforcement and civilians in his 10+ year career as a firearms instructor. He has developed curriculum for numerous academies and has trained local firearms instructors in both North and South Carolina.

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  • Love the video and the explanation on the trigger pull placement on the finger.
    Thanks for the info.

    Howard Mahony Mar 23, 2023

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