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Training Garments for Cold Weather: ECWCS Base Layer

Normally my videos are geared to weapons, tactics, and other support gear. However, training garments are something that I know a great deal about because I've attended a a lot of training in all types of weather. It's important to understand that training with reputable training outfits means that the following words aren't just empty mantra "we train rain or shine." I can attest to training in sweltering heat, rain, mud, snow, sleet, and bitter cold. Right now we're talking about cold weather. For cold weather training there is no better advice than wearing high quality base layers that offer moisture wicking properties and insulation - without being so bulky that it forces your outer clothing to become a bulky mess that steals your mobility.

For generations the answer to base layers was wool. Nowadays the answer in synthetic fabrics that come to us complements of our tax dollars hard at work - Enter ECWCS! The Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS) was originally adopted for use by the U.S. military and U.S. Special Operations Forces for its exceptional moisture-wicking and thermal properties. This military-grade base layer has flatlock seams for an enhanced fit and comfort, plus thumbholes on the sleeves to prevent them from riding up as you put on other layers. Fitted for perfect layering. Polyester/spandex fabric features dual-surface construction with a smooth fleece face and a grid fleece back; grid fleece reduces bulk but increases compressibility for warmth without bulk.

I purely stumbled into the technology in ECWCS out of necessity. ECWCS is hands down the most impressive base layer I've ever worn. Training in cold weather is hard on your body. I've said many times that if you're hurting, you're not learning. Well, if you're suffering in the cold, you're not learning. I purchase my ECWCS from Cabela's because it's readily available and is something that I can physically get my hands on before purchasing. This is key when it comes to ECWCS. Why? Because it's a base layer that has to be skin tight to do its job well. You need to try these garments on before buying. Don't guess, track this stuff down and go try it on.

ECWCS is most assuredly something that you truly need to consider for training in cold weather. As I mentioned before, If nothing else it is effective at keeping you warm without making your regular garments feel so bulky that your mobility goes in the trash can. Get on it!

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