Why Carrying One In The Chamber Is Important

I often have to remind myself that the subject matter of "carrying one in the chamber" is a foregone conclusion to those of us who are trained, but, for others it is still a discussion that needs to be had. Simply put the notion that you're going to have enough time to rack one into the chamber is a flawed ideal and one that can cost you your life. There is plenty of video footage available online to prove this point, and all of it is brutally honest in its content. Life and death lessons should be brutally honest. It is a wise person who takes a had look at the things they don't understand and says "yeah I'm glad I learned that in the training environment rather than on the streets." This is why I'm constantly hitting the point that you need to attend professional firearms training if you intend on carrying a sidearm.


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~Abner Miranda 

Is a former Police Officer, an FBI trained Hostage Negotiator, a First Responder, and Spanish Interpreter. He is currently a Firearms Instructor, an Armorer, and a regular contributor to our industry of both written and digital media.

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