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Why Controlling Muzzle Blast Is So Important


I'm not doing this video now because I'm trying to drum up business. The fact is I'm not even building any uppers or firearms at this time. I'm doing this because there are so many new firearms owners that have entered the industry and aren't fully aware of the things they're not aware of. Another way to put that is a lot of you don't know what you don't know.

Controlling the gas system and the recoil of your rifle yields two benefits. The first is that by controlling the gas system it means that you are slowing the rifle down. That means that your rifle will last much longer because it's moving at a slower cyclic rate. It also means that you will have less flash because the rifle has enough time to build pressure, burn off powder, unlock, cycle properly, eject the spent casing, and lock forward in battery again. Controlling the recoil also means that you can get back on target more efficiently which makes you more accurate. That benefits everybody.

Several years ago I designed my own muzzle device called the KOMP. I had it made in Idaho. Why? Because I refused to send production to China just to save money. Now here we are in 2022 and everybody understands why you don't want to send anything to China. They will rob you blind. The reason I designed the muzzle device was I wanted a more predictable path to send muzzle blast, and mostly sound energy, straight down range. Keeping the muzzle blast away from yourself equates to a more comfortable shooting experience and a lowered perception of sound. You'll see in real time as I tune the gas system and am able to have a more accurate shooting experience because of it. Check it out.

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